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17 Jul 2011 - 15:5863375
Black Leather Coat For Sale
I am selling my black leather coat that I used for cosplaying Mello, as I won't be coplaying him again I won't need this coat and hopefully somebody has another use for it
The coat's brand is Brandon Thomas if that means anything sure doesn't to me Anyhow it is a medium size ladies coat. 100% leather and the lining is 100% nylon. I am 5'6 and the bottom of the coat comes just above my needs. From what I can tell it is well made. It's quite plain but perhaps someone could modd it a bit?
As I have no idea how to post pictures these are the links to them sorry >.<
I haven't really got a price in mind, maybe something near to £20 if not just give me and offer.
MyFinalInsanity x

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