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14 Jul 2011 - 17:5563167
Who's Getting Dead Rising 2:Off The Record?
So yeah who's gonna be getting the game?I know I will cause I'm a mager DR fan and Frank West fan as well.
Heres some videos of it anyway.



Basically it's a "What if" senorio,where Frank is the Hero of DR2 instead of Chuck.

15 Jul 2011 - 16:0563237
Nah, personally I'm not going to bother. It's not like it's a brand new game/story or anything. Undoubtedly there will be some extras, but I'm just not happy to pay full price for a remake of a game which is, let's face it, not very old.

Personally I'm not sure why Capcom seem to be insistant that everyone LOVES Frank West. I liked him, and I think he was quite funny in DR1, but now they've kinda ruined his character to me. In the original he was some random die-hard journalist who would do anything for his big scoop. He'd do wrestling moves for a laugh, he'd dress up like a girl, and he wasn't too much of a serious character and I liked that. Now, as seen in Case West, he's just some uber zombie-slaying badass who just doesn't seem to have anywhere near a good sense of humour.

I liked him when he was random and just kind of like new to the whole zombie-thing (Which is why "I've covered wars, you know." was such a good line.) Off the record just really didn't appeal to me at all. I actually liked Chuck, if anything I'd say I liked him slightly more than Frank.

I wouldn't think any less of someone else who bought it, like I said undoubtedly there'll be some extra goodies like new weapons, combo cards and maybe a few extra areas. It's the kind of thing I might more conisder buying if I see it in a sale once it's come down in price, but I'm definitely not going to rush out and spend my hard-earned cash on it.

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