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12 Jul 2011 - 19:3263007
Need help for Vyvyan Wig from the young ones

I know this is a little bit of an odd costume but im going to a fancy dress party and my mate wants to do Vyvyan from the young ones and they have asked me for help..But i am unsure of the best type of wig that would be best to use to get the style. Im never good with wigs lol.


Any ideas would be great thank you XD


13 Jul 2011 - 10:0063037
Can I first just say, AWESOME choice! I love the Young Ones! XD

*ahem* As for the wig I'm really not too sure. I had a quick look around but I couldn't really see anything, how about something like this and see about colouring it somehow?

I know it's not a huge help but quite honestly I'm not sure where you'd find a wig like that...

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