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06 Jul 2011 - 20:1862472
Selling Cosplays Wigs and other items
Hello selling again! Prices not include postage

First up is Cosplays!

Knuckles the Echidna - Price £150

Worn once for Midlands Expo this year and won a Judges award for the whole group 8D
Size about 14-18ish? Could fit smaller 18 at the most
Shoes size 6

Miles Tails Prower - Price £150
Size 8-12 Not much bigger Zedela is a skinny woman XD
Selling this for Zedela as she doesn't see herself being Tails anymore.
Again winner of Judges award at Midlands.

Himeko Kurusugawa - Price £50

Only worn around house and back garden..... Bought off Ebay back in the day xD
Will come with Kimono, pants and Bow
Size Free really since it is a Kimono thing XDDD


Short Purple Wig Price £20
Never used XD Never been out of the bag XD

Short Blonde wig Price £20
Styled as Joey from Yu-Gi-Oh! But Will probably never use can be brushed out

Ginger/Orange 'Lavi' Wig - Price £25


Rather Sexy wig XD but Don't see myself being Lavi no more XDD

Black long curly wig - Price £35
Next to new Bellatrix Lestrange wig.
Back in the day of trying to be Bellatrix. I love the woman but I can't be her any time soon.......One day my Lord one day...... XD

Also selling some DVDS on Ebay XD


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16 Jul 2011 - 23:0163350
How short is the purple wig you have? Any pics available?

26 Jul 2011 - 11:5864335
Hiya, do you have pictures of the Bellatrix wig?

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