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05 Jul 2011 - 02:1162287
Urgent! Wig commissioner needed!
I recently attempted to style one of my wigs for my cosplay of Misty from Pokemon for an up-coming cosplay meet in August and I really don't like the end result.

Wig styling has never been my strong point, only once have I liked one of my wigs after I've styled it myself.

So many people cosplay Misty and I wanted to do her right so I want a wig that matches that.



The date of the meet is August 27th, which is when I need it for.

I'd really appreciate someones help!


05 Jul 2011 - 18:2862381
I might be able to help you. It'd be put under the "emergency ayacon slots" given it's in August (I know it's not ayacon)

Would you be after a brand new wig or would you like for someone to attempt to salvage the wig you already have? it might be possible. I could tell you if you photobucket some pics of it.

What is it you dislike about the wig you've tried to style by the way? If I were to try and salvage your wig, knowing that would be a big help.

You can see my previous work in my commission thread here, it's "Lulu's Wigs"

PM me if you like and we can try and see what we can do

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