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04 Jul 2011 - 02:2362173
Commission Wanted
Hey all, would someone be able to commission these cosplays:

1) Lau - Kuroshitsuji

2) Meito Anizawa - Lucky Star


04 Jul 2011 - 22:0362274
It would be a good idea to state what it is you want EXACTLY.

Is it just the sewing side of it?

Do you want wigs too?

Are there any accessories like jewellery and such?

Do you have a vauge budget that pottential commissioners can look at.

I myself do wigs and jewellery.

Tab is fantastic with sewing and props

Seph Noir also does wigs and I'm certain there are a few others on here too.

Sephirayne does sewing commissions and some prop work too.

Xaerael is awesome with props too

Ashika also does some very nice prop work

I can't remember everyone so sorry if I've missed people.

05 Jul 2011 - 18:3862383
Sorry for the lack of info, im looking just for the sewing side of things at the moment and two accessories (the hat and gloves meito anizawa wears).

Budget: im not really sure but max to £150

I need it by the first week of september.

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