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26 Aug 2008 - 16:155571
Handy Links
Ok I posted some links the other day that people found quite interesting/useful so I thought I'd make a thread of them, and anyone else can add some good sites they know as well =]

I've mostly just posted latex and airbrushed based costumes. I have a whole load of tutorials from books I own on how to make them which I'll scan in. Though the books are actually very scientific and tell you how to make these professional costumes (most involve huge ovens!) - but it gives you the basic idea! I couldnt have made Jenova without some of these books.

These are specifically Doug Jones links eg.Abe Sapien, Pan, Silver Surfer, Angel of Death,Pale Man etc... (I'm a huge Doug Jones/Guillermo Del Toro fan..can you tell!?)

Some great videos
This is an interview with Lala Huete she is the creator of most of Doug Jones costumes, it has some interesting images of Doug Jones half in costume.

General behind the scenes and make up of Pan

Make up for Abe Sapien

Links to photos
Abe Sapien


Il upload more over time - I have a stash of other characters and general latex makeup tutorial videos saved on my laptop

My God. Its full of stars
26 Aug 2008 - 19:105576
this is a great idea. i was going to make a supplier directory thread because a few people ask me where i get my materials, but this has made me think maybe a few different links threads would be a good idea here?

costume/makeup links

props links

supplier directory

the first post in each thread simply gets updated by the original poster as people post links, if that poster stops using the forum for whatever reason, someone else could pick up the paperwork.


it would clear out my bookmarks too! xD


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26 Aug 2008 - 20:355579
Just a note on the above; the Shops section is waiting for any highly recommended suppliers both online and on the street.

If anyone has some shops they'd like to share any user can add one

04 Sep 2008 - 17:555732
Woot! i love you for this! X D

Oki Doki Loki~
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