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27 Jun 2011 - 18:3861513
Lulu's Craft Emporium: Custom Jewellery, accessories and plush
Lulu's Craft Emporium


Please visit my Etsy shop for an example of my work.

What do I do?

Handmade custom jewellery, cosplay jewellery, plush and accessories.
Most of my jewellery is inspired by anime, vintage and whatever takes my fancy at the time. At the moment all of my jewellery is made using Polymer Clay and Surgical Steel posts, but I also have sterling silver posts available to use if requested.

What is a post?

It is basicly a stud earring, just without anything fancy on it. It allows crafters to add whatever they want to it and we refer to them as “posts”.

Currently I make mostly earrings and plush animals but I am currently expanding into rings, necklaces, hair accessories and a lot more.
Don't think that I am limited to only making what you see in my Etsy shop, I can do custom orders and weather you want MASSIVE tentacles or dainty elegant items, all you need to do is ask and we can come to an arrangement. I can also do cosplay jewellery.

The Important info:

Materials I use:

Polymer clay
Surgical Steel posts, barbells and labrets
Sterling Silver posts
Surgical steel hook earrings
Antique Brass rings
Beads galore
Lots of little bits that if I list this post would be MASSIVE
Brand new socks (cotton unless stated otherwise)
Cotton thread
Fire retardant toy stuffing
Aluminium wire
And a host of tools!

I can use specific materials if requested and I am happy to use materials that you already have should you wish. Please be aware that if you request something with materials that are very specific or special, your item may cost more than what you see in my shop. This is because of suppliers and specialist materials.


I accept paypal, personal cheque and postal orders from the UK and Paypal ONLY from anyone outside the UK.

For anything you see in my shop, payment is required upfront, you can use the etsy checkout or PM me for my paypal details. This is because what you see in my shop are items that I have on hand ready to ship.

For custom orders, you are required to inform me of what you want, using images if you can or even examples of materials for the general look of the item. I will then source said materials and provide you with a quote.
For custom orders that are over £8 I will ask for a small deposit which is taken off the total amount which will be £5.00 which is non-refundable should you drop out from the order, this is to cover my costs and to guarantee that you are serious about the transaction. The remaining amount is to be paid once the item is complete and ready to ship, and after you have seen images of the items and can confirm that you are happy with them. Once full payment is received, items will be shipped.

Should you require me to put the transaction on hold for whatever reason, you must inform me and provide me with a vague time-scale of how long the transaction will be held for. This means that all work on the item will stop and will then continue once you give the green light. This system is in place to allow for unforeseen circumstances in which you still want the item but are unable to keep contact or pay for a number of weeks-months. You are not required to give me the reason for this but a message to inform me of when it will be picked back up is appreciated.

I will hold transactions like the above for a limit of 4 months, in the event that you are unable to continue with the transaction, you will refunded everything apart from the £5.00 deposit but you must make contact with me to confirm that this is the case. If I do not hear from you for 1 week following the 4 month hold period, I will have to close the transaction. Please understand that this is to ensure that I am able to keep providing this service to people and to ensure that my turnaround is kept healthy.

I highly doubt that any of you would need any of the above to happen anyway! But I need to make you aware of the terms and conditions just in case.


All postage within the UK is via royal mail 1st class, unless you have requested tracking, in which case postage would be more expensive. Postage varies depending on the items.

My packaging will always either be boxes or very well padded bubble envelopes and in the unlikely event that something arrives damaged, I will replace the item for you.

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