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21 Jun 2011 - 14:5760789
URGENT ITEM SALE - Manga, Anime, Figurines, Cosplay Accessories and More
I've got a whole bunch of stuff to sell in the next two weeks before I go away! Prices negotiable for this reason. P&P worked out based on where it's going! I will ship anywhere. There's some pretty unique stuff in here so have a look about.

PRICES NEGOTIABLE FOR QUICKER SALE so please don't be afraid to ask. I just want to shift this stuff.

Categorized by Fandom or otherwise! (Final Fantasy 8, Final Fantasy 7, Harry Potter, Steampunk, Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, X-Men, Region 2 DVDs, Region 1 DVDs, Manga/Books, Electronics, Clothes)

Final Fantasy 8

FF8 Accessory set - Squall's Griever Ring and Chain, plus a neat little replica Gunblade Sold

Final Fantasy 7

FF7 Fenrir Chain - For belts, bags or keys £8

FF7 Large badges - Around 20 badges, most characters £5

Crisis Core Ultimania - Japanese original, excellent drawing reference but mainly collectors item £12

Harry Potter

Sirius Black Replica Wand - Quality Movie replica, Brown Sold

Severus Snape Replica Wand - Quality Movie replica, Black £15


Steampunk Real Suede Money Pouch - About the size of a large closed fist, hand-crafted in Africa £6

Steampunk lace/net top - Size M, fits a UK 14 £5

Kingdom Hearts

Roxas Wristband and Finger sweatbands - As seen in Kingdom Hearts 2 £6

Roxas One-of-a-kind Dog Tags - Dog tags read 'Roxas, The Key of Destiny, 0000013' £5

Roxas Necklace - From Kingdom Hearts 2 £5


High Quality Naruto Headband - This one is a really nice size and excellent, strong, shiny metal. Bought from the US Sold


Rare Wolverine Figurine - Features 1 of 8 pieces of the Blob action figure £15

Region 2 (UK and Europe) Anime DVDs

Pumpkin Scissors Vol 1 - Episodes 1 - 4. An excellent series, great condition £5

Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum Vol 1 - Episodes 1 - 5. Re-mastered version, really amazing! £5

Region 1 (Japanese and American) Anime DVD's

Naruto Uncut Boxsets 1-5 - Each box has about 13 episodes over 3 discs, unique special features and a unique storyboard booklet. Available in America and Japan only, these DVDs are Region 1 meaning you need a multi-region DVD player, hacked DVD player or console, or a computer to play them. I always used a computer. Japanese with or without subtitles, and english dub. Selling cheaper than I would because the storyboard booklet in boxset 3 is slightly crinkled. A collectors item. £10 each or £45 for all five

DeathNote Vol 1 & 2 - Each volume has 8 episodes. As above, these are Japanese/American versions. Japanese/ English sub, and English dub. £5 each

Bleach Vol 1, 2 & 3 - Each volume has 4 episodes. As above these are US/Japanese region and Japanese/English Sub as well as English dub. Vol 1 totes a unique picture card but it is not in the box. If I find it, I will include it at no extra cost. £5 each or £10 for all three


Blade of the Immortal - Volume 1, Blood of a Thousand. English Language Manga about a samurai killing for his sins. Very good series £5

500 Manga Characters art book - Clip art book, royalty free images for reference and learning. Includes free CD with jpg versions of all images in the book £7

More How to Draw Manga - Volume 1: The Basics of Character Drawing £6

Lord of the Rings The Two Towers music book - Piano/Vocals/Chords, sheet music for six songs by Howard Shore (Evenstar, Rohan, Gollums Song, Breath of Life, Isengard Unleased, Forth Eorlingas) £6

Drawing and Painting Fantasy Figures - Excellent book about creating imaginative and realistic fantasy characters and how to draw them £6

Nirvana Kurt Cobain Journals - Collectors item, cheaper as it is slightly crinkled but the pages aren't damaged! £5


Boxed White Nintendo DSi - Great condition £60

Wii Guitar Hero controller - including Wii remote £10

Clothes and other pieces

Resident Evil Wesker style glasses - All black £3

Resident Evil Wesker style glasses - Black and silver £3

Genuine Ray Ban sunglasses - Vintage 1980's £5

Beautiful hand made Chinese dress - Royal blue, embroidered with butterflies. Size label says '44' but fits a size 14-16, never worn £25

My Little Pony vest top - Size 14 £7

Genuine Doc Martens - Size 5, never worn, black leather with cherry laces £20

Bullet Belt - With adjustable end for own buckle. Size M/L, fits a 12-16. Not real bullets £7

Hello Kitty Hooded t-shirt - Printed front and back, size 14-16 £6

David and Goliath Zombie T-shirt - Size L, 16-18 Sold

Biker Style Black Skinny Jeans - Size 18 £8

Polka Dot Wallet - Real Leather, black and gold £6

Grungy studded belt - Size S/M £5

Quicksilver chain - For keys and belts £5

Triumph Motorcycles Metal Poster - 500 Speed Twin bike pictured, larger than A4 but smaller than A3 £8

All items negotiable on price, please comment below or PM me if you are interested in anything or wish to know more!

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21 Jun 2011 - 21:4960838
FF8 Griever Accessories - Sold

22 Jun 2011 - 13:3360909
I'm interested in the David and Goliath Zombie T-shirt. How much for t-shirt + postage?

22 Jun 2011 - 14:0760913
Hiya, how much would postage be for the Naruto headband within the UK?

22 Jun 2011 - 18:2060959
PM'd you both about it!

22 Jun 2011 - 18:4660965
How much for shipping in the uk for the ffvii badges


22 Jun 2011 - 20:0660981
PM'd you about it.

David and Goliath Shirt - Sold

23 Jun 2011 - 10:2961062
Naruto head band - Sold

24 Jun 2011 - 01:0661159
Sirius Black Wand - Sold!

I am away from tomorrow lunch time until Monday evening, I can get messages but I cannot send items! Anyone who has paid already, your items will be sent tomorrow morning!

26 Jun 2011 - 18:5961412
Kurt Cobain journal, suede pouch and Roxas dogtags - where are the dogtags from? (I'm presuming they're not official, obviously) And would you do a deal on all three items?

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26 Jun 2011 - 20:4661429
hello kitty hooded tee is too big for me



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26 Jun 2011 - 21:3161438
I'm intersted in the bullet belt,

Are you going to any events soon? If so can I pick it up from you?



PSN - X-The-Otaku-X

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29 Jun 2011 - 12:1461691
Pm'd you, please check your inbox!

The Hello Kitty t-shirt is a snug fit for a 14-16 (figure hugging, but not tight) but I imagine it could also look great on a 10 or a 12 as a baggy hoodie. Just saying!

Thanks everyone for your interest

03 May 2012 - 10:1283451
Resident Evil Wesker style glasses - Black and silver £3
It is available???

07 May 2012 - 16:3683619

I payed for the Sirius wand but never got it or my money back.

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