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18 Jun 2011 - 18:5960522
Mater Chief costume (Not Finished)

This is the costume I am making. It is not finished yet. I used foam exercise mats to make it. It's not finished yet. I still need to add some stuff. But you can see the basics of it.

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18 Jun 2011 - 19:0060523
The image is not showing?

18 Jun 2011 - 19:0760526
OMG the image is huge

19 Jun 2011 - 10:0860566
Looks good! I've considered using camping mats but I don;t think I would be any good at building halo armour from scratch but you've done a great job

20 Jun 2011 - 13:1660681
Thanks. They are easy to use as long as you make sure you have the right size parts for your body. The only hard thing was using a Stanley knife to cut them. They are bloody hard to cut through lol.

20 Jun 2011 - 14:3460693
Aww but all the hard work paid off I used pepakura when i made my ex-boyfriends recon armour which took bloody ages!!! How quick is the camping mat method??

22 Jun 2011 - 15:5460926
It has taken about two months so far. That sounds like a lot but it's mainly because i am just lazy lol. Sorry that it took me so long to reply. My laptop hates connecting to the web

22 Jun 2011 - 15:5860928
Wow, that's pretty amazing... I always thought people used some kind of mixture which they dried into shape or something! XD

Still, so far so good, definitely!

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23 Jun 2011 - 13:2761083
Thanks. I wanted to use some kind of "cast" method, but I just don't have the money to make those kinds of things . It's easy to use the exercise mats as they bend super easy. Plus all you need is a Stanley knife and a hot glue gun.

23 Jun 2011 - 13:3161084
The only hard thing to do is getting that bloody helmet on my head lol

23 Jun 2011 - 13:3661085
OHHH. I forgot to add that I made the energy sword from a cardboard box lol.

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