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15 Jun 2011 - 03:5559972
[WANT TO BUY] Black Wig.

It's nearly 5am and I'm posting up a help me thread.

What I'm looking for is a short, spikey black wig, more so with a free flow not a skin top parting, if you get me?
Preferably in the UK and that is CHEAP. /doesn'thavealotofmoney
And I need this as soon as possible 8I

Can anyone help me? Sell me? Whatever? xD

The one and only Jellybean~
17 Jun 2011 - 16:0360345
Bump - Please help~

The one and only Jellybean~
17 Jun 2011 - 16:2360347

It's available in black. This can be puffed upwards really easily if you want it spiky.

17 Jun 2011 - 17:2360389
Thanks for the help ^^
But it's not exactly what I'm looking for @@;;;

The one and only Jellybean~
17 Jun 2011 - 22:0760459
If you can link a picture of the style you want maybe that'll help?

17 Jun 2011 - 22:1660460
Well, something more like this:
Spikey but more tame, if you get me?

The one and only Jellybean~
18 Jun 2011 - 07:2560474
Is there a character you are going to use it for?

18 Jun 2011 - 07:2960475

Here are a couple I saw while browsing. ^_^

18 Jun 2011 - 17:1460515
I need it for Karkat from Homestuck. @.<
And those wigs are in America... ahah, wouldn't make it on time.

The one and only Jellybean~
18 Jun 2011 - 17:2060520
Rats. If I come across any in your area I will post them. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

18 Jun 2011 - 21:1260541
It's fine. Thanks greatly for your help ^^

The one and only Jellybean~
18 Jun 2011 - 21:2160542
I have a long black wig that I shan't be using. You may be able to cut and style it into what you're looking for.

Ayacon Plans
19 Jun 2011 - 19:0760602
used this place a few times as they're uk based and generally have more natural colours in good styles.
great store and reasonable prices to, they have a few wigs which i think would be suitable for what you need ^^

23 Jun 2011 - 01:1861042
@ Nixie: I'd really prefer an already short wig

@ Sarah: Yeah, I saw that but they had nothing of interest @@

The one and only Jellybean~
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