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21 Jun 2011 - 13:1560784
Bump, lots of things still available. also:


22 Jun 2011 - 19:4160976

New items added at the top of the 1st post, after all the info, it is marked with an edit and "new items"

All prices are open to negotiation.

23 Jun 2011 - 21:3661144
OP heavily edited. Most of the items are now on Ebay, a link has been provided in the OP.

27 Jun 2011 - 18:2261499
Bump for pricedrop. Also, whats not in this thread is on ebay:


30 Jun 2011 - 18:2261850
Bump for edits. 3 new figures added: the FIGMA Tsukasa, 2x capcom queens Akira and a shirt re added. You can fuind them at the top of the post, under all the important info.

Please also visit the ebay link at the top for the stuff that used to be in this thread.

03 Jul 2011 - 18:5462110


Just under 2 hours left on most of the auctions now. if you wanted something before I put them on Ebay NOW is your chance.

04 Jul 2011 - 15:2062210
Some ebay sales did not sell. Those items have been RE LISTED in the 1st post.

There has been a price drop.


04 Jul 2011 - 19:1862237
Pm'd you about the Tsukasa's ^^

07 Jul 2011 - 16:2562549
Bumping up for more stuff available.

You can see them at the top of the post, under all the important info.

1 wig, lots of extentions, 2 wefts, fabric.

09 Jul 2011 - 14:4562712
Right. Relisted 2 of the items on ebay and added some of the other things into ebay.

Every item that has been added to ebay or relisted has the link to my ebay items under the images. You can also find the link to my Ebay items at the very top of the 1st post.

Also price drop on various things.

The wig is now £12 OR BEST OFFER!

17 Jul 2011 - 21:2163404
Edited the main post, dropped some prices:

LOOK AT THEM, THE PRICES HAVE CHANGED! meaning, if you thought it was too expensive when you last looked, look again in case you want it now.

Also again: I WILL TAKE OFFERS! don't be shy, you can actually ask me to go lower.

17 Jul 2011 - 22:0563413
Can I have the blonde hair extension, please?

18 Jul 2011 - 00:1363427
No problem. Pming you now.

18 Jul 2011 - 01:2963435
Im interested in the Medium length wavy brown extention weft ^_^

18 Jul 2011 - 19:0663484
PMing you about the brown wavy weft Kamiko

19 Jul 2011 - 17:3763581
Quick note to people:

I have had a small delay in getting everything sent out. This isn;t just sales on here but an ebay auction and a sale through FB too.

Just letting everyone know that everything will be sent by Friday 22nd at the VERY LATEST, very probablly earlier than that.

This has been due to health.

22 Jul 2011 - 16:3163975
Everything was sent out yesterday peeps! you should get your shinies soon.

Edited the OP. Added a pair of lovley Bodyline Lolita shoes

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