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16 Jul 2011 - 17:5263303
I'm a fan of CATS, and Jemima is considerably more likely to have been taken already on forums and such! I do sometimes go by J Sillabub (and assorted variations of that), and the "J" stands for Jemima.

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20 Jul 2011 - 12:2663653
(I'm digging this thread. Interesting stories!)

I made mine up when I was 12. I was introduced to the chat site I recall being known as 'Dubit' and was struggling to think of a name. Then I asked my sister for the name of the black cat in Cardcaptors.

Not long after writing out 'Spinni' I learned it was 'Spinel'. 8D; But I liked the look and sound of 'Spinni' so it has stuck. ...for 8 years. (I'm still amused at how friends irl have all so far pronounced it right!)

20 Jul 2011 - 13:4463660
I think my username requires little in the way of explanation. A quick glance at my photo ought to do it.

20 Jul 2011 - 14:5063665
My username came from two things really.

Furie I took from one of the three furies in the manga Princess Ai as they're really cool characters, and the Phoenix part comes from my obsession with the magical mythological bird itself. I've been told several times that I probably have a phoenix as my guardian animal spirit, due to all the crap I've gone through in my life and still come out on top of it all. Just like a phoenix alas rises above its own ashes if it dies. ^__^


20 Jul 2011 - 18:2463702
Heya ^^

My name is a little shortened version of Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji ^_^ Seb-chan (he's usually called Sebas-chan but I wasn't sure if that was taken >->

20 Jul 2011 - 18:2763705
About 4 years ago in high school I had a group of best friends (4 of us). 2 of them had fruit related usernames on sites (you'd have to ask them why they had that. One was Pineappled, the other was LemonnLime).
I was at the other friend's house on the Wii and wanted to name my Mii. I had a bit of a thing for stubble then (still do...) so I called it StubbleLv (or something along those lines).

And then, I can't remember why exactly we came up with StubbledGrapes. The grapes bit was purely random, it just sounded good.
First time I used it was to change my Gaia username and since then I've tried to move away from my old username and use StubbledGrapes more often. I tend to use it for accounts of something I'm interested in or for a site that is for entertainment. I don't use it for any 'official' accounts.

I still go by as katie_kibble on some sites (or variations of that if they don't allow underscores).
That is a shortening of a second Neopets account (now my main account). And *that* was so named after my email address. I think it was my very first email account and my sister helped set it up. I had no idea what I wanted so she typed katie_kibble_katly_k.
Katie is my name, Kibble is my brother's nickname for me (or at least, used to be), and Katly is a bit obscure. This was around Christmas time and on a card our family got sent it looked like my name was spelt Katly. And then the k was just to sound good I think.

Long post is long.

20 Jul 2011 - 20:3863734
Mines pretty simple. My name is Dionne, but everyone calls me Dee for short. I'm usually ditzy, so DizzieDee seemed like a good cosplay name

30 Jul 2011 - 13:3264752
The Breakfast Club. Nuff said

It's also a delicious hot sauce.

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30 Jul 2011 - 17:1564758


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30 Jul 2011 - 17:5364760
My surname.

I also use the username 'Meeps' which is a long story involving the nation of France, video games and cats.

Not roadrunner.

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30 Jul 2011 - 19:3364766
My original user name was 'lolita-cupcake08' and that was a combination of both my love for lolita fashion and cupcakes at the time XD I'm horrible with user names so I then changed it to 'Pandora'
I chose this name cos:
1. it was to show my love of the anime Pandora hearts and
2. It's also a play on the 'Pandora box' significance -
The box was shrouded in mystery until opened - I see it as a kind of reflection of me =b

"Fairy tales never cease to evoke our imagination"

30 Jul 2011 - 20:0064770
Well the Sailor bit is from Sailor Moon of course ^ _ ^.

Cadia is a planet in the Warhammer 40K universe, it's a major planet for the Imperial Guard.

I tend to prefer the sisters of battle but I always thought that any Sailor Senshi in the 40K universe would be classed as Psykers so thr Sister would probably kill their's given that's what the Witch Hunters are all about.

Thus I wound up thinking up Sailor Cadia when I was musing on the idea of 40K based Sailor Senshi. She wound up being my badge name for my first con (Aya '09) et voilà! It stuck. ^_^

Yeah I basically combine the mythoi of one the most idealistic "love and friendship conquers all" series I know with the GrimDark that is 40K... yeah maybe I'm just a tiny bit

03 Aug 2011 - 12:5165262
Well mine came from, well you should know most of the part of it, Tidus from final fantasy X, i've been wearing the necklace and still had for 8 years from one of my oldest friend who i start to lose contact with for i don't know why ._. he just doesn't seem to come online anymore and all, so kinda sad really, but thats life, Tidus is my favourite FF character and playing the game over and over again for 9 years, his attitude and personality, was pretty much me a few years back, whingy and such, but lets not put that on through here xDD just after a while i figured to use that username, i use other usernames for certain forums, just because it sometimes get boring sticking with the same username everywhere since you get noticed almost instantly tis no fun in that when you want to scare people haha. and the 227, i literally had no idea, i once tried to do make an email address, and it just came saying the one i wanted i couldn't have, so had to have numbers and 227 was one of the options, so i figured i'd take it ^^

03 Aug 2011 - 15:3965310
Mine isn't particularly exciting: its the name of an old roleplaying game character I used to play.

03 Aug 2011 - 16:2065318
Well, Dominus Illuminatio Mea... Hmm. "Sounds like a psycho that follows the Illuminati and wants to molest our dead bodies in the name of the 'Dark' Lord!" O_o

R - O - A - R !

Of course not, why would i be lying? Lol.
Well, the name is actually the moto inscribed on the University of Oxford's emblem. Means "The Lord is my light" in Latin, referring to the gratefulness of one person to what the Lord created. Was actually looking for accommodations since am planning on studying there in coming future. First thing that came to my mind tbh.

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03 Aug 2011 - 16:3365320
Well mine, Jaks-Kingdom-Dwarf is a mixture of 3 of my favourite things

Jaks represents one of my ultimate favourite video game series: "Jak and Daxter"

Kingdom represents my other favourite video game series: "Kingdom Hearts"

and finally the Dwarf part represents my favourite TV show that at one point i was really obsessed with which is: "Red Dwarf"

hense the pictures in my sig at the bottom


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03 Aug 2011 - 19:1565349
@Dominus Illuminatio Mea

What you planning on studying and which college?

I'm an old oxfordite myself so I still feel a bit of nostalgia for the university. I was Maths at St. Peters back in the day...

06 Aug 2011 - 02:2665607
Me? Mine?

....originates from the character...

I have a crush on and decided to Cosplay.... That big idiot... You got to love that ginger lol

06 Aug 2011 - 03:3665608
I used to be a big runescape nerd back in 2005, i've kept my character name ever since for everything xD

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08 Aug 2011 - 11:4865827
Quote Carmina:
Mine isn't particularly exciting: its the name of an old roleplaying game character I used to play.

= armina


Row row fight the power.

18 Aug 2011 - 14:4467087
Youngy is a nickname that formed with my surname being Young.

638 is the last 3 off of my RAF service number, thus youngy638!!

XBox Live: Youngy638

Kolpophobia is a fear of genitals.. ANY GENITALS!! That's not a way to live!!

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18 Aug 2011 - 14:5967088
I use this username on a lot of random sites =) im a spiritualist and i love wolves and in some ways i compare myself to a wolf because im fearful of most people but when it comes down to my pack (family) i'd put my life on the line for them =). Hence my most noticed nickname 'wolfie' or 'TheSpiritualWolfie'

19 Aug 2011 - 11:4967156
I recently recovered this account from whenever I created it, which was like 2? years ago.
Yeah, emo-kid phase. Extra 'r', since that makes it edgy and cool.

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