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18 Aug 2008 - 15:215369

I'm from London and I'm part of an inde, UK manga publishing house, SelfMadeHero. We wanted to join in the cosplay fun and spread the word about homegrown manga and mangaka.

...so, we launched a cosplay competition at MCM Expo in London last May and we would like to invite people to take part in it.

It's not about the money, but we thought it would be fun if we put up some prizes for the best Manga Shakespeare cosplay at MCM Expo this October. Times are tough and having fun while winning prizes might be even MORE FUN!

...so, in a nutshell, that's why I'm here. If you are interested in our cosplay comp but are confused by 'how to enter' or the rules or the categories or anything really, just PM me or post something on the forum and I'll try to help.

You can find most of the deets here, but just ask anything you want:



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