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07 Jun 2011 - 00:4258918
Greetings from the Netherlands!
Hiya everybody!

Thought I'd introduce myself here after joining the site two months ago XD

I'm Marcella from the Netherlands and have been cosplaying since 2006. For some years now I'm also attending the London Expo, with great pleasure!

My name here, Ralaxcelm is derived from my own name with a X addes and scrambling the letters (Kingdom Hearts fan? )

I collect about everything from the Legend of Zelda and love cosplaying like nothing else. The next event I'll attend in the UK will be London MCM Expo October as Ultimecia from Final Fantasy VIII/Dissidia (Duodecim): Final Fantasy

Last London Expo in May 2011, I cosplayed as the Warrior of Light from Final Fantasy along with the humongous group of FF cosplayers.

I think that about wraps it up for my intro, wouldn't you say?

07 Jun 2011 - 00:5458919
You sound awesome.
I am somewhat of a OoT geek, and I do like Twilight Princess and Majora's Mask.

Pleased ta meet ya B]

I tried to fit a sig about my nerdery here. It was too long.
Oh dear.
07 Jun 2011 - 01:0058920
Thanks a lot!

Me . . . awesome . . . ? Now you're making me blush ^///^ I'm just a regular girlgamer with a soft spot for green wearing men/boys in tights XD

My personal favourite of all Zelda games is Oot, with aLttP being a close second.

07 Jun 2011 - 01:0558921
Never played that, although kind of wanted to.

Men in tights = sort of awesome, but for me, it's Australian snipers with a penchant for being polite x]

Hope ya have a good time cosplaying here

I tried to fit a sig about my nerdery here. It was too long.
Oh dear.
07 Jun 2011 - 01:1558922
Polite Aussie snipers . . . hmmm I'm thinking TF2?

And I always had a great time at the Expo's, I just wish I took more time to see the rest of the country as well, not just London -.-

But seeing all my UK friends at the Expo's always makes my day/week/month XD

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