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05 Jun 2011 - 11:2158660
Range of commissioners required! (Clothing, plush and jewellery)
Clothing -
I'm looking to see how much it would cost to get Howl's jacket from Howl's Moving Castle commissioned. I'd like it in a size ladies 8-10, as it's meant to be somewhat big.
It's hard to find a reference of the back, but it's purple to match the triangles.

I'm possibly looking to get a Calcifer plush comissioned to accompany my Howl cosplay.
Something like this. but without the logs and arms would be ideal - http://www.animepalace.com/images/resin/apl00023.jpg

He's basically just a fireball with eyes.

Looking for the earrings and necklace. The earrings would have to be clip-on as I don't have my ears pierced.
References -

13 Jun 2011 - 21:0259764

13 Jun 2011 - 21:0559766
Hiya, I will be happy to make the 'fireball' for you ^^ In my gallery there is a accessories costume which has examples of previous things that I have made.


13 Jun 2011 - 21:1859769
I can do the earrings/necklace if you still need someone to make them. PM me if you do and we can discuss details.

Sadly I don't have many photos of recent jewellery work, but you can sort of see the chains and lapel pin from my Sebastian cosplay: http://cosplayisland.co.uk/costume/view/7515 and my Marik jewellery: http://cosplayisland.co.uk/costume/view/8459

24 Jun 2011 - 01:5961161
Depending on when you need it by I might be able to do Howl's jacket for you.

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