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15 Aug 2008 - 21:465330
ever thought how to represent aura/chi/spiritual pressure (insert your own fave anime's description of soul manifestation here) on a real, physical cos?

think it'd look ok to try it?

i have an idea for majin vegeta, but i was wondering about other people's thoughts on the matter.

16 Aug 2008 - 21:225348
for glowing type effects i'd use blacklight reactive dyes/makeup/paint. but that would only work under blacklight/UVlight.

www.glowshop.com <-- these guys have a really nice shop that's open to the public, and sell just about every UV/blacklight reactive material available. the invisible reactive paint is awesome to paint appearing runes and such on things. they also sell really effective body ink for glowing temp tatoos.

once you're really comfortable with the paints etc you can make some really funky effects, including magma veins (similar to how the balrog looks in LotR)

i really should make a useful links thread

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