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04 Jun 2011 - 19:0158610
Cosplay Picnic in Southampton!
Hi guys, I'm here holding yet another of my successful cosplay picnics in the Southampton area!

When!: Sunday, 3rd July 2011 at around 12pm (subject to change)
Where!: The meet up place will be discussed and announced within the next week or so~
What to bring!: These picnics are only run by one person, so I'd like to ask everyone to pitch in by bringing something to share with the participants. Food, drink, sweets, even games and activities! A photographer will not be provided at the event (unless one steps forward of course!) so if you'd like photos, please be sure to bring your own camera! And as always, bring yourself, in cosplay!
Look for!: A cosplayer with some sort of sign (which I will actually bring this time)

Our facebook event page can be found here
While you're at it, why not like Southern Cosplayers Forever! on Facebook?

I hope to see you there!

~*Next Projects*~
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