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04 Jun 2011 - 02:2058546
Shichika Yasuri (Katanagatari): Advice and Haori Pattern.
Current and first project I'm working on is Shichika from Katanagatari in episode 12:

So what I have planned so far:
Hair - Dye + massive ponytail extension

Material: Polycotton / Cotton /Silk
Colour: Wine / Burgundy (or something dark red)

Use black polycotton for the neck etc and strips for the arm.

I have a standard pattern but it isn't that great so if anyone could provide some decent ones (for standard Haori's or even this one) that would be greatly appreciated.

Material: Unsure
Colour: Red
Method: Possibility or sewing the left arm to the haori (not 100% though) and just having the one inside the right arm sleeve as it comes.

Material: Silk(?)
Colour: Red (black leaves sewn on top)
Method: Create a sash and bow seperate with a clasp sewn on the back of the sash connecting to the bow. Obviously other side of the sash will hook on the clasp.

Belt + Necklace:
Material: Felt + Cotton filling
Colour: Black / White / Red
Method: Create pieces individually, sew together and stuff with cotton to keep shape. This is to keep them light.

Buy a pair and sew on giant leaves.
Material: Cotton
Colour: Black

Any advice or help before I jump into this head on would be great. Budget for materials isn't too much of an issue since I'll be saving on manufacturing costs and I want it to look decent.


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03 Jul 2011 - 23:0462167
Sorry but I simply must kill you now....I'm planning this same cosplay for next year...so -stab!stabbity!stab!stab!-

um...for shichi's hair I'm planning on getting a wig and getting a colored hair spray for his highlights and a looong ponytail extention, or two with the ends one hidden under the other. Haori I'm gonna get an silk bolt and dye the patterns I need. his obi should be simple to do as a whole orangey red dye with red maples painted on. his hakama are roughly the same except I'm gonna get a 'resist paste' to blot out the red maple shape and paint it after the black dye is done. the belt and haori tie are gonna be taken as a sheet of silk, dyed, sewn up and stuffed. the white hair tuft is gonna be taken from a white wig I'm gonna buy for next year.

love, kherron.

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