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03 Jun 2011 - 11:5758434
Yess, I'm doing another Deadman Wonderland group for October MCM.
However this time it will not just be on the Sunday.

So far there are a few maybes and such, so I might as well start the thread nice and early, and let everyone prepare an' stuff~!

Toto Sakigami (Mockingbird)- Lunarbean
Shiro- IndecisiveTrollop
Azuma Genkaku- nanahara

Chapter 48!Toto Sakigami (Mockingbird)- Lunarbean

Shiro (Volume 2)- Zeppie
Toto Sakigami (Mockingbird)- Bakabakarangers
Minatsuki Takami (Hummingbird)- Spentabulas
Chaplin Sukegawa & Crow- sjbonnar
Koshio Karako & Chief Guard Makina- katsarayuki
Nagi Kengamine (Owl)- Uzumaki-1987

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15 Jun 2011 - 06:4159974
I'll be cosplaying Koshio Karako and Chief Guard Makina though not sure which on which day yet. Would be great to see a Deadman Wonderland Group.

15 Jun 2011 - 06:5159979
Put me down as a maybe for...


Both of Bunneh's potential characters LMAO! My Crow will be done but then, but I was also thinking of doing the Chaplain.

Dammit dude...LOL

CosplayIsland Staff Member

15 Jun 2011 - 18:5560077
@katsarayuki: Ahh Awesome! Welcome to our currently pretty small group. Hopefully it will expand some more. XD

@sjbonnar: Haha! NO ONE CAN RESIST CHAPLIN<3

-All updated!

17 Jun 2011 - 15:1460338
I'm not 100% but I'm thinking I will probably want to rewear Genkaku, since I'll be making it for Aya and Oct Expo isn't long after it. So put me as a maybe.

19 Jun 2011 - 17:1860592
Oh wow! AWESOME.
You super-priest. XD

22 Aug 2011 - 10:1567287
/All updated~!

22 Aug 2011 - 11:5567292
Hmmmm if my plans for the saturday fall through I may re-make Shiro, so put me down as a maybe x3

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07 Sep 2011 - 21:2468916
Haha. Sounds good!
Make-sure to say if it's definite or not~

EDIT: Will officially be Toto both days, due to funds.

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07 Sep 2011 - 21:3768921
I will be doing Genkaku for certain in October on Saturday now ^^

08 Oct 2011 - 09:5371867
Me again~! As long as I can remake my collar in time I will definately be doing Shiro on the Saturday - probably just her default look

08 Oct 2011 - 20:5071911
Awesome stuff~
I'll add you guys to the list...
The very short list.

08 Oct 2011 - 21:1171917
well at least a short list is better than no list hehe. Where you thinking we could meet on Saturday, so we're able to actually get photo's together?

08 Oct 2011 - 22:1971923
I really don't mind. We could meet somewhere pretty known, and then change to a better "setting" for the pictures?

As for time. What's easiest for you guys? I can pretty much do any time, since I'm not really up too much...

08 Oct 2011 - 22:4871925
I can't go outside if it's raining - just a heads up XD
And I'm free for time, too - I should be there from about 12

09 Oct 2011 - 14:4271953
yeah I'm good for time as well. 12pm sounds good. Say around the main entrance that faces out onto the statue and grassy area. That way if it's not great weather we can just head in.

09 Oct 2011 - 17:1971963
Sounds good!
So 12pm... Main entrance.
(i'll write this on first post so peeps can see).

Oh, I have bad news as well... My friend (who I was going to get to do the photoshoot) can no longer make it to expo.
So urr... yeah.
...I was going to ask if you guys knew anyone who would happily take photos, If not, I could always take my good camera, and we will just use each other? XD

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09 Oct 2011 - 17:2471964
I said *about* 12 xD I'm not definate on that.

As for photographer issue - my boyfriend'll be dragged along with me, he's not a photographer but I'm sure we can use him as a human tripod xP xDDD

09 Oct 2011 - 18:3471970
Ah sorry about that! If you need it to change we can always make it later. XD

Bwahaha! I guess that solves the issue. ;D

09 Oct 2011 - 19:0471972
It should be ok, we just might still have our bags with us :'D

09 Oct 2011 - 22:2571998
yeah I'm cool if you want a little later, and cool on your bf being able to do the photos. I thought Deadman Wonderland would be alot more popular now ><, but then I guess sometimes a series that get's too popular can ruin it.

12 Oct 2011 - 20:2772229
I'm pretty glad it't unpopular... But it would be nice to see more cosplays from it. C:
But I see what you mean, I would of thought it would be more popular due to the "success" of the anime. But I guess the big ones were Ao No Exorcist and Tiger & Bunny this season.Though the Deadman Wonderland OVA is yet to come out...

Okay, looks like everything is set for now! Please do say if you need to change the time or date for whatever reason~

27 Oct 2011 - 13:2973249
Just finding out what's going on this year and I found this, mind if I shoot as well??

Surprised that DMW isn't as popular as others this year
Let me just clarify - Saturday 12pm


Photography's my middle name :3
27 Oct 2011 - 17:3573271
Oh yes! You are more than welcome to shoot!

Plus it is indeed, 12pm- Saturday- by the main entrance.

27 Oct 2011 - 17:5673272
;3; My new Shiro neckbrace failed and I can't get my other one as it's at home and I'm not at home D8
I'll still come along and snap some pictures though, if you guys want?
Super sorry and gutted ;3;

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