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14 Aug 2008 - 01:045285
Hi, i'm Xaerael, or Xae.

i've been interested in cosplay for several years now, and have worked on/assisted working on a few costumes for people other than myself, but have yet to actually get around to finishing my own costume!

Recently I started work on a full armour costume for Al Elric (see my work in progress pics!) which is coming along beautifully.

I guess my specialty is solid (armour) costumes/weapons, but i'm competent at sewing, makeup and other stuff. I work primarily in foam and latex (and a really nasty bitumine based glue that stinks). I've been working with those materials for almost ten years now, so finally making something for myself and not a friend/client is really refreshing!

I'm a fan of way too many anime and manga to list, but amongst the faves are things like ergo proxy, FMA, Beck and Higurashi no naku koro ni.

So, hey! how's it going! And keep on stitching guys!

14 Aug 2008 - 05:245286
Hi and welcome to cosplay island ><

You Al Elric is looking stunning im really looking forward to seeing it finished, im glad you've taken the plunge and started making costumes for your self.

I would love to see your past commissions too please if you have any pictures post them up too

I my self have only just started to scrape the surface of using Latex and foam with your experience could please give with some pointers > <

Again welcome to Cosplay island i look forward to seeing you and Al at a event soon

14 Aug 2008 - 06:185289
wow your armour is looking sooo coool, youll have to drop me some tips on making armour ^_^

welcome to cosplayisland and i hope you enjoy it here

14 Aug 2008 - 07:105291

the armour looks good. i repeat the request for photos of past commissions

14 Aug 2008 - 09:325293
I don't know if i have any photos of my really old stuff, recently i've done an Allen Walker sword (although it wasn't completly finished when it was used) and a Van Fanel sword.

as for tips, i'm always happy to give them out. i'll have to say, the way i make armour/swords is fairly easy if you've already got a good mind for clothing pattern cutting and 3d model making. it's more exhaushing and very very smelly.


i should add that my swords are totally safe to actually fight with. they are rigid enough to swing and perform with, but soft edged enough to bat people with from time to time!

[another edit!]

if people are reeeeally interested, i could do a tutorial thread on safe weapon and armour making, and where to buy the materials.


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14 Aug 2008 - 22:435320
I'm sure all would agree a tutorial would be lovely!!! Welcome by the way! And FMA and Ergo Proxy are Brill!

I'm not anti-social, I just appreciate silence
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