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31 May 2011 - 20:1958109
Togainu no Chi group?
I've been planning out a Rin cosplay and I thought I'd put out a few feelers to see if any other Togainu no Chi fans were interested in getting a group together at some point. Let's face it: groups make for great photos.

I'm not sure when this would be for; at the earliest London animecon or Hyperjapan, or perhaps Ayacon or Alcon (one of which I'm hoping to go to though I haven't decided yet). Alternatively, it could be put off until next year.

Anyway, if anyone is interested perhaps you could say which chracter you're interested in doing and what events you could do the character for.

Akira= Midnightwolf/justhewaydrmademe
Rin= Nomes
Kiriwar= ZOMBIEfurby's friend

And many more

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02 Jun 2011 - 09:5358288
Yay TnC love~ I have Akira cosplay I'm more than happy to pull out at any time ^^ Im considering doing the military version to Hyper Japan, other than that I'll only be going to Aya and October expo this year.

02 Jun 2011 - 10:1558291
I mean I cosplay Gunji and I have a friend who cosplays Kiriwar so we might be able to join you? It just depends really xD As for cons I really need to talk to her so I'll let you know when I know any more :]

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02 Jun 2011 - 11:1058297
I cosplay Akira already so depending on when this would be for I may be able to *i also know zombiefurby*

03 Jun 2011 - 08:4558412
I was starting to think I was the only one. I may be able to finish Rin for HyperJapan but I haven't ordered a base wig yet and delivery times on those can really vary. If I go to Ayacon I will probably take Rin as I surmise that he will be easily transportable. I'm committed to a couple of other cosplays for Expo though.

I'll update the first post with the peeps who might be able to do each character.

Thanks everyone!

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