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04 Jun 2011 - 15:1158588
Quote Ice-climber:
Quote xaerael:
i'm going to step away i think now, but before i do, i'd like to remind people about how the papers reported on the hillsborough football stadium disaster of 1989. several newspapers put complete lies on the front page of their paper, and have never really apologised for it. if a paper can lie about fans of the biggest sport in the country, we really don't have much hope of an apology

Sorry Xaereal but I think that alot of people here aren't old enough to remember that.

Well it seems that facts are these:

  • The Daily Star misrepresented alot of people
  • Rain had her picture taken and didn't know that the Star would use it.
  • MCM are not a fault in any way
  • There is a lot of drama about this
  • Said drama is now doing more harm than good
  • Mike Towers and Anime league are milking this in part to do with the axe he has to grind with MCM
  • The Facebook group is scam for Alcon memberships
  • Showmasters have sunk to Towers' level by also milking the drama

I think it's time to end the discussion on this now. It's safe to say that none of us liked what the Star did but it is not that big of a deal. All the tlak of boycotts and apologies is pointless.

i know about the hillsborough memorial, been freaking too long and people still want the truth about it to come out, i know as a deep to heart liverpool football supporter about all this, even when i wasn't alive at the time, i still respect the 96 and their lives were taken wrongly, but sadly nothing we can do about it and move on like with everything else, it has happened, lets not fret over it too much anymore

but yeah, we should just try and get rid of that facebook page still, before so many people get confused and effed up in the head, cause a few of my friends are get wrongly led about the whole thing =_= not talk about it on here anymore, so best if we get this page locked

and rain, its nice to see that your not too hurt over all this and we all feel for you we really do, and we all support you, so continue being the best at what your doing ^^

04 Jun 2011 - 16:1658590
Gosh this article is horrible!
They've written stupid nonsense. Did they even bother to do some research on the topic before daring to write something like that?

Does she really have no rights concerning her photo? I mean, yes she agreed when they asked for the photo, but are they - just like that - allowed to post the photo everywhere they want to?

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04 Jun 2011 - 17:3658606
yes. they are.

05 Jun 2011 - 15:5858692
Well, when I was waiting at the station to get on the DLR to go home on the Sunday, I saw this guy with a camera and I didn't know if he was filming or taking photographs but he was filming cosplayers going up the stairs to the Excel centre and he wasn't asking people for pictures so I don't know if he was for Big Brother or something.

This article made me so angry, I mean it was my first time cosplaying and going to a convention and I didn't even know that people from Big Brother were there and I can't believe they are calling us 'odd-balls'! Stupid Daily Star!

Well, F**k you, Big Brother (and Daily Star)
I won't be watching your show.

05 Jun 2011 - 20:2958736
It's not Big Brother, it's the Star! They like to make up lies to sell papers to thick people. The fact that they think any of us went to Expo to get onto Big Brother just shows what complete and utter idiots the Daily Star writers are.

22 Jul 2011 - 17:5663992
The whole thing just annoyed me. This newspaper is like a huge troll just trying to insult ANYONE.
I actually got caught by them outside when i was attempting to keep my dress shirt from lying up (obviously my bright orange hat attracted them :/).
My friend had texted me that day and I was tired and a bit annoyed because of a friend bugging me that day so I wasn't in the mood for photos anyway.
The camera guy asked if he could have a photo and I just said 'no, sorry, I'm not in the mood'. Stupidly he tried to take it anyway but I put my hate in front of his camera and said 'seriously, no.' but then he starte filming me and asked who I was. I answered that happily to amuse him but then he started getting ridiculous and I just said 'no comments' and started walking away but he kept filming me even as I left.
I hope that the recording of me walking away while flipping the finger at him goes on TV

22 Jul 2011 - 18:1063994
well I just read about bb taking your photo and using it on the newspaper and I feel sorry for you

I must admit that they should have said who they were before they asked to take your photo. even after they said so you could have asked politely to delete it or something.

I don't think many people actually read the daily star and I don't think nothing can be done to change that fact this has been printed in the newspaper. And also, not many people will notice who you are if your in cosplay anyway


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