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27 May 2011 - 12:3657832
MMORPG Gamers?
I recently figured out that my Cosplaying is stinted by my horrifically fast beard growth, odd facial features and stupid hair :O. BUT.... After overlooking it for so many years, I figured, being a massive MMO Fan, (and a forum RP'er for many years) that Character Customization has always been a massive thing for me. (thus sorting out my Cosplay Problems! as you will now be seeing more JEDI XD)

So I thought I'd spread some love to my fellow RP'ers / Cosplayers / MMO players and ask about

1.What you guys enjoy in game? Character Customization? PVP? PVE? RP?

2. Any particular settings you enjoy for your games?

3. Any games you're currently looking forward to, or are currently playing?
Personally I'm way looking forward to SW:TOR, Which I'm currently hosting an EU RP guild for if anyone's interested ^^ Find our Guildsite here. :]

4. Have you ever had a favorite armor set from an MMO that you have cosplayed or are thinking about cosplaying? Do you enjoy messing around with In game armor to come up with the perfect look for a character? Dyes etc?

I look forward to hearing your responses my friends. :]

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