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22 May 2011 - 18:1857310
London based photographer!
(: Hello there guys!

To anyone living in London who cosplays or will cosplay in the near future, I would love to be your photographer! I am willing to travel within London (zones 1-6), and I have a few locations up my sleeves which might benefit the image of your cosplay!

Any age, any sex, any ethnicity. Honestly (: I wouldn't care! It'll be good experience for myself, and you would be able to see your photos and upload them and god knows what! (But I best get some credit :3)

I am going to be attending MCM London EXPO May 2011 SUNDAY! (29th) - so make sure you're there, and if you do what to have a little photoshoot on the day then I don't mind doing that for you (:

dA : www.55f.deviantart.com

or PM me (:

I'll be sitting here waiting for y'all!

Thanks guys,


03 Aug 2011 - 15:0165283
I'll take you up on that. If its just to develop a portfolio then hey! Why not! The Round-Up always enjoys photographers! And I've seen your DA, You're very promising

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