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20 May 2011 - 18:0857100
SELLING Gothic Lolita Dress And Shoes. £34...Open to offers! Also a long black wig.
Black and white Lolita dress With a white shirt and black and white shoes.

This was only worn twice and is still excellent condition..1 shoe has a small red mark on the toe but could be coverd up.

Shoes are a size 6.5..They should fit a 7 as they were a little bit bigger on me..also my friend wore them and she is a size 5..The straps keep then from slipping too much. RRP was near £50

Dress was made to fit but cannot remember the exact measurements...But it fits me perfectly and im a size 16..It does tie up at the back and the material does stretch a bit so will fit someone a bit smaller or bigger. It reaches just passed my knees and i am 5'4.
The is also a white netted petticoat to fit underneath to puff out the dress.

The shirt was a bit small on me around the bust but was able to pin it with safety pins and the dress coverd it perfect..But will fit perfect for someone with smaller chest..But there solutions to get about it if it is a bit smaller..like i did.

Dress and shirt RRP was £53

I am selling the whole lot for £34 thats including postage..But i am Open to offers.

Long black wig...Its brand new..never been used... Selling for £20..that includes P&P. Also open to offers.

Im also selling a few odd non cosplay related things so take a look if you get time
Thank you.


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23 May 2011 - 16:0257428
lowerd the price to 35...open to offers.. Really need to sell as need the money. Any questions please ask.
thank you.


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01 Jun 2011 - 09:0858149
would you be able to lower the price of the wig a little? im really needing a wig like this but im short on money

Domino, one half of Dragon Jacket Pro.
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