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12 Aug 2008 - 08:025243
Post Amecon
hey just wanted to say it was really nice meeting everyone ^-^ and meeting new peoples like Defrain, White Leviatian etc

and of course the rest of Sailor Scouts: Chibi & Moonlily Chibi thankyous for calming my nerves down in the que for the masquerade

and i hope everyone had fun, I shall defiantely be remaking Super Sailor Moon for October Expo! and thanks to everyone who chipped in advice of what to do better and improve it!

well anyhows im off to the beach to celebrates my birthday

dammit now we gotta wait 2 years for the next ame!

12 Aug 2008 - 09:445245
Happy birthday!

Ame con was fantastic, really well organised. Especially the masquerade, given the number of people that were in it!

The cosplay ball was the best way to end a convention. Everybody there looked absolutely fantastic. I put aside my fear of my two left feet and actually danced this time. Thanks to everyone who put up with my slightly nervous twirlings!

10 Sep 2008 - 01:305925
Putting aside issues with the Omake, Ame this year was the best con I've been to yet!

Roll on Aya09!

10 Sep 2008 - 09:195928
Yea it was brilliant! I wish conventions would last a week : 3

Oki Doki Loki~
10 Sep 2008 - 09:395930
lol conventions should last a week when the same amount of money does too XD

Yes, it was fantastic ^^ Its seems Amecon changes every year, not better or worse, just changes some how.

Which is great as it adds to variety X3

TY to everyone who made my time and my friends' time so enjoyable X3

10 Sep 2008 - 09:575932
Wish I cud have goen maybe next time

10 Sep 2008 - 15:105938
It was my first con so thanks to those who befriended me - it was great meeting so many people

And big thanks to my fellow SC masqueraders (DarkElf, Odangochan and Seraphim_Cry).
That was fun - I'm glad I could go up there with you

Shoot for the moon.
If you miss you'll be among the stars.

10 Sep 2008 - 20:245950
Aww it was really great too meet u too Lunar! *hugs* ^^

Our SC masquerade grouping was indeed a lot of fun

10 Sep 2008 - 21:275951
Amecon was my first convention and it didn't disapoint I enjoyed every second of it XD Even though someone stole my free amecon bag I still loved it. Thankyou to all the cosplayers I bugged for pictures, thanks to the people who ran it just thankyou EVERYONE I can't wait for my next convention, I'm officially addicted now

11 Sep 2008 - 07:315972
Amecon was my first anime event (but not my first convention that was back in '92). I had a huge blast.

Thanks to all my friends for making feel part of the community and thanks to all my new friends for making me feel welcome.

Role on the next one!

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