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29 May 2011 - 22:4757913
I'm a night owl so I don't usually start until at least 9pm probably doesn't help that I don't get in from work until 7pm most days anyway.

03 Jun 2011 - 10:1958419
Well, I don't really have a set time, but I always think the day/night before: "I'm going to do nothing but sew tomorrow!" Because I usually work for long stretches of time and it's very hard to put the project down X'D So basically I work all day and maybe through the morning lol. So to start early is always a good move.

06 Jun 2011 - 20:4258887
My problem is I'm a massive night owl, but I don't like working on my cosplays at night-time... ._.

I find early afternoon works best for me (which is sort of like the morning for me, if it's during the holidays)

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