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16 May 2011 - 22:1656626
We're all saying the same thing; story, glomping bad, asking for hug good, free hug signs gtfo.

However I would like to ask you all;

Was the person who glomped you in cosplay too?

If they were, was it as fragile as yours?

The one who glomped me in my story was NOT in cosplay.

16 May 2011 - 22:5356628
You know, I don't the only glomping stories I've heard have been perpetrated by non-cosplayers or cosplayers from the same series. Non-cosplayers seem to attack well-known characters, cosplayers seem to attack the object of their character's affection. And the shipping thing seems to be worse in particular fandoms (especially with yaoi pairings). I have nothing against these fandoms, or yaoi, it just seems to be a trend.

I'd classify glomping me offguard as a hazardous activity. I'm a little jumpy and so I may lash out instinctively if someone grabs me out of nowhere. Plus, my balance isn't great and if your glomp knocks me to the ground, you can bet I'll be bringing you down with me.

Hugs, I don't mind. I'm more likely to hug you if we've been talking or hanging out a little while and we're saying goodbye (if I like you), but that's not to say I won't hug you if you ask nicely. I like hugs . I just don't like people forcing them upon me.


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17 May 2011 - 08:3556640
I'd usually say Im fine with people asking for hugs (obviously Im with the general consensus that sudden rugby tackles are bad but Ive never had to deal with it).

Though recently at a convention someone excitedly asked for a hug, so I said sure, then they grabbed me round the waist, picked me up and walked off x_x everyone else seemed to think I knew him so no one really did anything but Im pretty small so it was like "please put me down ; ;" Definately not cool ><

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17 May 2011 - 10:0756645
I think ive been fortunate enough to not have people trying to glomp me when ive been in costume, though there still some people out there that have bugged me.

At one of the expos back in 07/08, I was trying to take a picture of some other cosplayers when some random guy just decided to grab me from behind for a hug.
Decided to take the picture first before calming turning around and snapping at him... Turned out he was with a bunch of others running round with free hugs signs.

Aside from that, I cant think of any other problems, anyone else Ive encounted has always asked if they could hug me, or at least waited with open arms.

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19 May 2011 - 10:2056907
I don't like glomps D8
I don't mind a gentle hug, after being asked, but not a full-blown tackle-glomp!
The only time I accept random hugs without anyone asking is when I have a Free Hugs sign, but I've only had one once, and it was a pain to lug around, so maybe not again.

19 May 2011 - 10:4056908
gunna put my two sence in.

I'm not a big fan of glomping. Even if you are cosplaying a certain character you still have your personal space.

I haven't had a full blown glomp thrown at me before but when i cosplayed fang i did get this girl who -when was talking- run up behind me and grab me around the waist.

If i was a friend, i'd be fine with it and it wasn't to bad i just kinda thought it to be a bit rude since i was talking y'know? :/

Free hugs signs i don't really get, or the free kisses one. Its expo and that doesn't really make it okay to kiss random people. Hugs are alright but i'd rather they just ask me for one and i'd gladly hug them back! I love hugs after all.

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19 May 2011 - 12:0556917
I'm finding this thread really interesting in what people have said about glomping. The truth is I'm fortunate that I never had that problem in the case where it's so bad that your cosplay falls apart and you get injured from it which I really do feel sorry for 0.o

The only time closest to something like this was when a girl Expo 09 did that to me but I saw her coming so it wasn't quite bad.. plus my cosplay wasn't delicate'.

I can identify with people on this thread when they say, they rather they asked politely for a hug rather than a surprise. I'm quite a shy and private individual and respect one's personal space a lot. It's very rare I ask for hugs from people I don't know but if I do I ALWAYS ask out of sheer politeness.
Sounds bad, but I don't even hug my closest friends - I mean I don't mind it when they hug me but for some reason, I just don't give hugs back much.

But strange enough, the exception is, I tend to give people a hug when I've just met and had a good friendly chat with them at a convention cos normally, I'm in a really good mood. I'm an odd one yes ^^;;

As a personal thing only for me, one of the worse kinda glompers are people who take the whole 'character' thing too far - like they actually do think you're the 'real' thing. Ok, you can have fun with pretending; no shame in that but not to the point where it gets really embarrassing for themselves... met one person like that and I was really creeped out >.<

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21 May 2011 - 00:1157130
Quote Quinzel:

I'd classify glomping me offguard as a hazardous activity. I'm a little jumpy and so I may lash out instinctively if someone grabs me out of nowhere.

Reminds me of, again, when i was in my Spartan costume and I was just stood there minding my own business...Next thing i know i get smacked on the top of my head (full head helmet makes it a tad "scarier" ). I then turned around, shouting as i went, to see a little girl (probably no more than 8 or 9) with a plush toy in her hand, being given a piggyback ride. I must admit that at first i apologised for shouting at the girl (as there were a few naughty words thrown into the rage and i don't like frightening children) but when she'd moved off I was extremely angry for the next 10 minutes or so...

tl;dr girl smacked my head, i got angry.
Moral: Don't glomp people, surprise hug people or smack people on the head. Ever. The victim MAY just be aggressive and wish to pummel your tiny, annoying face into dust.

23 May 2011 - 11:3757395
Quote MasterJh117:
tl;dr girl smacked my head, i got angry.
Moral: Don't glomp people, surprise hug people or smack people on the head. Ever. The victim MAY just be aggressive and wish to pummel your tiny, annoying face into dust.

Amen brobot.

My honest reaction would be to tear them away from me without holding back on the force. I'd risk giving cosplayers a bad name, but I'm not the kind of person who would go "ahahaha, I spent ages making this cosplay so you can go ahead and violate my personal space and risk damaging my suit without taking a second to think about the consequences, ahaha what are you like".

I am for the most part someone who is patient and understanding, but that does not apply to those that exhibit a level of stupidity that demonstrates they are beyond comprehending anything I explain to them why they're going to get thrown several metres in any random direction.

27 May 2011 - 07:5457818
I haven't cosplayed (yet) but seeing as "glomping" is a form of assault ... I won't hold back on defending myself if someone does it to me. I'm a black belt martial artist and I won't stand for unwanted physical contact, especially in such a violent form.

There's no way in hell that I'll ever "glomp" anyone; it's just plain rude IMO.

However, I will let people hug me - as long as they ask nicely first and as long as they don't look like they'll damage my costume!

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