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18 Jan 2012 - 17:0077562
Hey guys, sorry! Keep meaning to get back to this thread but revision seems to be keeping me away from the computer (or more like, I force myself to keep it shut except for food times otherwise I'd just spend all day on Twitter, Skype and stuff XD; )

Taruto - Not many seem to be able to make Kita, so maybe we can redo the group again for Amecon?? Even I'm thinking of doing a switcheroo with plans anyway so I will most likely wear different Tanemura costumes for Kita and Ame

Freyarule - That's fine, I know your plans! Thanks for letting me know

Pandora - Thank you! I'm not the only one XDDDD I'm thinking Friday daytime maybe? It's a quieter day as I imagine people have other plans? But we can discuss this, discuss away people! I'm involved with no other groups in the daytime so I am very very flexible personally!

Angel Tear - I think perhaps we can do this for BOTH Kita and Amecon?? If people want to organise it themselves for other cons then feel free, but they're the only cons I'm going to this year (excluding Hyper Japan, not many people I know are going to HJ though )
I vote Micky/Takuto, because they're canon and all that jazz :'D (Even though I fangirl Izumi so much hahaha!)

LemonPanda - Yaaaay, Micky! :3

As for my plans - I think for Kitacon to save time I might rewear my platinum uniform version of Haine, I am strongly lacking in pics anyway! I still need to buy stuff for Kyoko and I'm not buying any more fabric for this term so I guess it's just a rewear for me ;_;

24 Mar 2012 - 16:2881357
HEy 8D

While I know that Meroko isnt the main heroine thought I'd post to let you know that I should be cosplaying Meroko in her human form if the wig arrives in time !!! 8D

Saturday or Sunday Would love to take pics with you lot !!!

Can't wait to see all your cosplays !

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