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08 May 2011 - 16:3555905
SALE: Clothes, manga, anime, merch, mags and more...
Loads of stuff to go! May update with more so keep watching.
Feel free to haggle.
Prices include postage and paypal fees.

Hello Kitty bag. Approx 20cm x 18cm. Don't think I ever used this as there's no marks on it. £6

Loveless bag. Approx 39cm x 41cm. Some use on this one, marks on bottom of bag but other than that its in great condition. £7

Ai Yori Aoshi poster. Approx 89cm x 29cm. Never been on a wall. £2

Ken n Merry t-shirt from Japanese brand Lovers House. Fit size 8. £10

Anime tee. Fit size 8. £4

Serial Experiments Lain fanbook £5.

Magic Knight Rayearth manga vol.2

Angel Flavor artbook. In fab like new condition. Cost me £25.99. Offers.

Azumanga Daioh! Vol.1 dvd. £3

ZOE vol.1 dvd £1.50, Otogi Zoshi vol.1 dvd £4, all in packaging.

Ayashi no Ceres manga vol.2. £2

Anime and Japanese fashion mags:

Gal/gyaru mags, £5 each.

Cutie and Zipper mags, £5 each.

Newtype USA mags all £5 each except Premier Issue £8.

Animerica mags, £2 each.

Anime Insider, £1.20.

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