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04 Aug 2008 - 23:455103
World of Warcraft - October Expo 08

I am hopefully going to be producing a Blood Elf Paladin in Tier 6 Armour costume for Expo in Oct 08.

I thought it would be really awesome to get a group going, perhaps one of each class?

I'd love to organise a skit as well, or just a photoshoot. Expo isn't the idea place for Fantasy-esq photographs but I am sure something can be found. XD

Let me know here if you are interested!

~ M

Voice Over/Actor - Presenter/Host - Geek/Gamer
04 Aug 2008 - 23:575106
Hey Mark, its Jess.

I've been planning on making the cinematic Blood Elf for about two years now although any tips on finding a mouldable gold material that so shiny you can see your face in would be appreciated.

Anyway, following dramatic weight loss I'm up for finally wearing it at London Expo. Its not totally cannon because its not an outfit found in game, but it should still be recognisable? Let me know what you think.

05 Aug 2008 - 00:275111
Hey WoW costumes are WoW costumes.

Sounds awesome.

No idea for the gold I am afraid, I intend on using plasticard, wireform and foam. I'll use RubnBuff for the gold like surface but it won't be mirror sheen sadly.

Voice Over/Actor - Presenter/Host - Geek/Gamer
05 Aug 2008 - 00:305112
I wish I wasn't already booked! I was planning on doing Illidan's most recent and very sinister looking form (big purple demon FTW? LOL) but that won't be for October

CosplayIsland Staff Member

05 Aug 2008 - 00:365116
I always wanted to cosplay my character from WoW (NE female warrior), although never decided which armor set. Tier 3 would probably look the coolest, although I have an attachment to the earlier sets

I've no idea if I'd actually be able to decide *and* make this in time for Expo though!

(And damn you with your pretty-boy loving Blood Elfs )

05 Aug 2008 - 00:415118
Come on Kat, it would be awesome if you did it!

Tier 3 Warrior does look awesome, we can work out how to make the shoulder pads together.

Well, I want to do Tier 6 Paladin and if don't do a Blood Elf I have to be either Human or Dwarf and I am FAR too scrawny for either of those.

Bwhahaha, no idea how to make my eyes glow yet though...

Voice Over/Actor - Presenter/Host - Geek/Gamer
05 Aug 2008 - 00:545119
I'm more concerned with making eyebrows that stick out horizontally, I wear Glasses doncha know! Will have to get green contacts for this costume though, really pale green should be suitably glowy.

look at the time, you can tell we play WoW ne

05 Aug 2008 - 01:135122
I'm still at work actually. XD

Eyebrows should be easy, Tak knows a thing or two about that sort of stuff so I think she will have some ideas.

Hmm, Masquerade group?

We can start it off with a video-screen chatbox saying;

"1: Expo General; Markus: LFG MASQ - Got Pally and Mage"


Voice Over/Actor - Presenter/Host - Geek/Gamer
05 Aug 2008 - 01:505133
I approve :3

Wow, guess now I actually have to make this thing. Damn XD

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