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05 Aug 2008 - 00:275128
Quote Shazz:
Gaaah, I'm part excited, part nervous/worried I won't finish some costumes in time!
I have a pair of boots I need for 2 costumes still in the post, and a pair of gloves.
Still need to make a huge prop for Lady, plus weapons & targe for Rikku...

A suit jacket...aand a few other small bits and pieces...

Im sure you will get it all done.

05 Aug 2008 - 00:365131
so excited!!

The ixion pantomime costume will be unveiled on the saturday! the first in the world! *squee*

05 Aug 2008 - 00:595136
urgh after the Kadaj thing im even less excited now

05 Aug 2008 - 01:035138
Still not excited yet <_<;;;

I've got some boot armour to stick back on and a hand puppet to fix... i'll probably leave those until thursday knowing me ^^;

Lost as in a dream I seek the shadow Of one who has Swirled away... Abandoning friends, Abandoning humanity.
What awaits us all Is the path to emptiness. Knowing my heart The flowers weep, And the wild birds cry.
05 Aug 2008 - 01:195139
Im glad Im not the only one!

05 Aug 2008 - 09:095143
I'm ready and packed! I've even left a little bit of sewing on purpose so I actually have something to do at my dealers table if I get bored XD

The fact that I'm actually done is concerning me a little, I'm normally up all night in the usual cosplay manner.

Just realised however, a suitcase, vanitycase, suit holder, handbag and rucksack and I haven't packed any Civvies....why are my costumes always so flipping bulky DX

05 Aug 2008 - 12:305147
got alittle cosplay stuff to finsh, and i gota pack other then that im just sitting around trying to find things to do with my self (dam taking time off work)

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