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04 Aug 2008 - 08:305058
help for 2 cosplay
hello, can tell me how to make the horns of lucy elfen lied and clothes akira Kogami of lucky star

thank you



20 Sep 2008 - 23:256347
hi, horns/ears are easy 2 make, it depends on the material u use. i've made my own be4 but not sure if it will help much,

for 1 ear just cut 2 ear shapes out of the material u r using,
sew them together and turn them inside out so u cant see the sewing as much, leave the bottem of the ears,
use hair slides, this kinds type:

glue the slides onto the inside on the ears and they should b done.

(i have only done this once myself and i'm not gd at discribing how 2 do things i hope this can give u some ideas)

22 Sep 2008 - 08:286359
Using hair slides or an alice band is the easiest way of attaching horns to your head. You can either use fabric as suggested above, or something like fimo (only for small things as it gets quite heavy.) Papermachie also works well.

With regards to the other cosplay, can you break down you request a bit. It's quite hard to give a full description of how to make an entire outfit just on a forum post. How far have you got? Are you stuck on a particular part? Do you need help choosing fabric etc?

23 Sep 2008 - 16:536379
By the way, the links didn't work, but I googled the Lucky Star one and it's a sailor school uniform, isn't it?

I would recommend going on eBay and searching for a pattern called McCall 3759. You can find it here.

It's a dress pattern which shows you how to make a basic uniform with a sailor collar and short skirt.

You'll have to mail order it because there aren't many places which sell that brand of sewing pattern in the UK. It's a children's pattern so you should order age 12-16 (it's up to about a size 10-12).

As for fabrics, when I was a beginner cosplayer I would just go into my local sewing shop with a picture of the character and the dress pattern and ask their advice. I'm sure they'll be very helpful.

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