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31 Jul 2008 - 18:214989

I'm Jody, AKA Alayis. I'm a total Death Note freak and I'm hoping to pull off a fair few DN cosplays in the near future. My favourite characters have to be Matt and Mello who are up there with L too. Who wouldn't love L? <3
Near's a pain in the backside.
+Anima is also a manga I own hich I absolutely love. Any other +Anima fans around? Senri = <3.

I'm too young for Amecon this year, but next year I'll be prepared for it (fingers crossed; I'll have started Sixth Form). That and the manga recons I go to at my local Waterstone's. Anyone else around here who goes to that?

I don't know if my planned cosplay will actually be finished for the next recon, being as I'm planning on buying a professional camera - I'll have very little money left after that...

There's always the March con! <3


31 Jul 2008 - 18:344991
Be prepared for next year!! Get in there its very fun .

And welcome

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