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11 Apr 2011 - 17:3853850
Two tickets for the Premier of Yu-Gi-Oh 3D up for grabs!
We are offering the prize of two tickets to the London premier of the new Yu-Gi-Oh movie, Bonds Beyond Time, on Saturday 7th May 2011. The film is being released nationwide on May 14th, with the DVD and Blu-Ray release scheduled for July this year. As well as entry into the film, the winners will get free popcorn and drinks at the screening. There will also be special guest appearances, Konami Trading Card demos, a Yu-Gi-Oh! Costume contest, and a special Charity Raffle for the Save the Children Japan Emergency Appeal. Cosplay is highly encouraged!

For more details, and how to enter, see our blog: http://wp.me/pWiim-eh

Closing date is midnight, Saturday 23rd April.

11 Apr 2011 - 17:5653851
This sounds awesome! I'm glad there's finally a date for the movie, I'm definitely going to enter this competition.

11 Apr 2011 - 18:2053854

I'm going to have to ask you not to post up threads like this. This really does fall afoul of our stance on people advertising in the forum. I know this a free giveaway but you're trying to drive traffic to your blog and site which is not something we allow in the forums.

As you're not exactly a Chinese cosplay seller or some big company spamming their press releases I'm not going to delete this thread. I'm hoping you'll take this as a friendly warning and not post anything else along these lines in future.


11 Apr 2011 - 19:3753866
Ooh, sorry! I would've posted the whole on here, but wasn't sure you guys would want to whole press released!

Won't do it again!

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