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10 Apr 2011 - 10:4653772
photoshot ideas needed
finally got my chris redfield res evil cosplay done and would like to get some decent photos but need some ideas for the photos.

so far all i have come up with is:

idea 1
in the local park... we have an old looking house.. so thought maybe when its gettin dark... could kinda look like the mansion in the games. only problem with that is right next door is a very rough estate. at least 4 people have been stabbed or shot in the last year there.

idea 2
friend said i could use there empty spare room.. thought use a table.. stick a laptop on.. have a silver case that looks like the one the t virus is carried in.. stick some test tubes and stuff about and some splattering of blood to make it look like a lab

what do u think.. or cna u suggest any other ideas

thanks for any help

11 Apr 2011 - 13:4053840
I would say park; just for I have seen more pictures in photo-shoots that have a wide space, rather then a space that was limited.

But more pictures is not worth getting shanked and shot for. Through if you have fake weapons with you, they might leave you alone; since you look BA.

Do you have any safe deserted houses near by? That and, or maybe some country side near you that has that 'zombie attack' feel to it?

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11 Apr 2011 - 14:0453842
Derelict houses, schools and hospitals are great for this type of thing. Just be carefull though, if you do go anywhere like that, try to have a fair few friends with you, just in case.

Also, sometimes you have people checking the areas to make sure people arent tresspassing, that can be a big problem so if you can, try to do a bit of research on the areas to see if you can find any info about wether they are beign watched, or if you risk tresspassing.

And of course, always be carefull in places like that, broken glass, discarded needles, random bits of hospital equipment, always be safe.

Of course if you know someone who can do green screening, doing some photos with a green screen might be better, you can then edit backgrounds into them! much safer than falling onto glass or running into unsavoury characters!

12 Apr 2011 - 18:4953938
hello.. thanks for the helpful advice...

think i will def look into the outside one.. maybe in a good area though. and there are lots of derelict buildings in birmingham... i should have easy pickings. lol

and hadnt thought of the green screen thing so thanks for that one.

13 Apr 2011 - 00:5753971
Good luck then~! :'D
I hope everything goes well and you have some good fun!

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