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08 Apr 2011 - 16:5053712
Cosplay.com has a percentage option where you can post the percentage of how far you are with your costumes.

Planned - 0%

In-progress (for example):
costume A - 80%
costume B - 45%
costume C - 20%

Complete - 100%

They have a + and - sign to increase or decrease the percentage of completion.

I think this would be a good feature for Cosplay Island to have.


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08 Apr 2011 - 19:2653718
Personally, one of the features I liked most about Cosplay Island over Cosplay.com was the system they use for showing how complete your costume is - the idea of being able to have a to-do list, and literally tick things off as you go. For me this is hugely useful for me from a planning perspective, as well as for showing other people how far I am.

The problem I have with Cosplay.com is, when you're obsessive about organising and planning like I am, trying to work out exactly what percentage done you are with the costume becomes a real hassle! Also I'll be on say, 50%, but then I suddenly remember something else that needs to be done, so I have to put it down to 40% - it's a bit disheartening!

A percentage system that worked WITH the to-do list, and worked out what percentage of your tasks were complete automatically would be nice, but then of course that would look weird for people who don't use the to-do list system, who's costumes would say either 0 or 100% permanently. And to be honest, the same might be said for people who didn't want to use the percentage system, and spend time updating it - I expect a lot of costumes would simply jump from 0% to 100%. And on Cosplay.com, if I see a costume that's not at 100%, my opinion doesn't really differ whether or not it's 20% or 80% complete - in my mind it just flags up as 'In Progress' anyway.

Just my two cents, but I personally think that the low-maintenance system here at CI is excellent, with lots of OCD features for those of us who like to update every little detail, and the simple Planned -> In Progress -> Complete descriptions for those who don't


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08 Apr 2011 - 19:5753720
I think its sort of a good idea, though maybe allow it be opitional feature, so people who don't use it can not bother with it. Just tick the box so that to activate it or something, and maybe another to have it connected to the to do list

but maybe that's a bit complex.....

Ayacon Plans
10 Apr 2011 - 21:4253793
I like both of these replies. ^_^

I agree that it should be an optional feature as some people like to be secretive with how far they are with making a costume.

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