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06 Apr 2011 - 03:0453528
[SELLING] Shinku Cosplay (Rozen Maiden)

Hello, I have something for sale!~ It's a lovely dress for Shinku from Rozen Maiden and I adore the outfit but I need moneyyyyy and I killed my wig anyway so I probably won't ever wear it again.

I'm a size 8-10, but it's kind of loose on me (I think it's classed as medium?) and I think it would probably fit up to a 12 easily~ The outfit comes with the headband, main red dress, bow and shawly cape thing. I don't have a petticoat and the wig isn't included because I accidentally destroyed it 8D;;

It's a really high-quality cosplay, the material is a lovely thick velvet which is pretty heavy, and because of that I'm looking to sell it for £40 ONO, not including postave. Alternatively, I'd be willing to trade for another cosplay, preferably something off my planned list~ I'm a dress size 8-10. (wait I already mentioned that didn't I durr) Please feel free to drop me a message or post if you have any questions! Thank you~

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16 Jan 2012 - 01:1477464
Bumping because I still have this and I don't want it lol

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