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29 Jul 2008 - 20:384966
Death Note D8
I'm a total cosplay noob, if I'm honest . This is my first ever cosplay, so I could do with some pointers.

Lately, I've had an obsession with Matt from Death Note. He's like me in a few ways; I feel that I can relate to him sometimes and that's why I figured he'd be a good character to cosplay as. The Walsall Waterstone's recon is going to be taking place soon, so that's another reason why I've decided to stick a cosplay together over the holidays while I have tons of spare time (it's only the beginning of the second week and I'm bored as frig knows what already). Eeeek, first cosplay competition evar x.x... Meh. If I take my time with this cosplay I'll more than likely be bringing it to Ame next year along with a new cosplay (not sure what I'll be doing for that, though). By then I'll have sorted everything out and made sure everything's 100% finished.

Let's be honest, cosplaying as Matt is pretty simple IF you have practically unlimited funds (x.x). His boots are especially expensive if you're going for military-type stuff. Despite that assumption that the rest of it IS actually pretty easy, there is one aspect of the cosplay that I'm having difficulty with... The vest.

I cannot sew -- fact. I know that a few people try making the vest from scratch but I'd totally suck at that. That's why I've been rushing about looking for some sort of cheap suede-ish vest or jacket which I can just lop the sleeves off of and get some fabric that I can either glue on or get my mom to sew on for me. I thought they wouldn't be too hard to find, but it looks like I was wrong. If anyone could help that would be awesome. I'm going to try and go out sometime to see if I can find any in the shops (woohoooooo~ Merry Hill ftw).

Also, being as I'm a teenager and practically scav off of my mother ther is no way in hell that I'm going to be able to afford any boots like Matt's. I've decided to go for some converse-style almost-knee-length boots which I can leave loose and open somewhere near the top. I'd like to wear these in the winter, too, to stop my mom complaining that I'd be spending too much on something that I'll never wear XD. What do you guys think?


I MIGHT be able to get hold of some like these or perhaps something a little more Matt-like tomorrow; I'm going shopping with a friend to Birmingham. We'll be out like... all day. I'd just like to see what you guys think. Is it a good idea for a first cosplay? Should I go for quality materials or garments to use rather than cheap stuff?

I have practically no idea what to do. Teehee. I only really have issues with the vest and boots; other than that I should be fine. What do you reckon? ^.^ <3


--Ooh, I just had an idea--

Perhaps Matt doesn't even NEED a vest/jacket? It'd be nice to have it but I suppose he doesn't have to. At least then I'd be saving money, hehe. At the end of the day, he IS pictured in both the manga and anime without that vest, so perhaps I could pull it off if I managed to act like him enough?

29 Jul 2008 - 21:164967
I'm sure nobody would pull you up and complain if you didn't wear his jacket

Good luck with the cos. Matt always seemed like a hard one to me.

29 Jul 2008 - 21:294969
It'd be nice to see a variation on Matt so go for it. =D I hope it goes well.

30 Jul 2008 - 16:064970
I reckon if I buy those boots It'll make him look a little more emo-ish. It'd probably suit him.

03 Aug 2008 - 14:285039
I wouldnt have thought that a beige jacket would be too hard to find! (Try somewhere like primark, renowned for its plainess!!) Lop the arms off then hot glue some fake fur on and VOILA!!!! Im not that great at sewing either, cosplay life is one big modification for me I wouldnt give up on the vest though. If you have the rest of the costume when the time comes then just go with that, but Id at least give the vest a shot!! Good luck!

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