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02 Nov 2007 - 01:00752
i be there with bells on not literary lols =p
im cosplay Haseo from .hack//roots g.u verson

cant wait going to be so so so much fun ^__________^

02 Nov 2007 - 01:12753
Yeah Mark...you're supposed to be all JPOP PARTYZ 4EVA1111!! TRAITOR har har~

Amecon always seems busy for me. Minamicon is always hectic too D: I want to feel relaxed at a con, but I love getting involved helping with events too ;(

I keep saying I'm going to stop and just meet new people, because I'd like nothing more tbh. I'll try really hard at the next con XD

02 Nov 2007 - 01:16755
This will be my first anime con. I'll be using my Sera's Victoria and Sorceress Edea cosplay again before I retire them.

02 Nov 2007 - 01:35758
Can we get a full Accent group at Amecon!? O_O

CosplayIsland Staff Member

02 Nov 2007 - 02:12760
I think we might! I know Rufus is going to cosplay Pip Bernadette with me as Sera's and I know Leadmill and Clone want to go too.

02 Nov 2007 - 03:41761
I'd so do Alucard if I were thinner LOL I love wearing fangs and I reckon I can do his grin LOL

Well, if Me, Els, you, Rufus, Clone and Leadmill go...that'll be the full Accent ^_^ Unless Carrie's in, I'm not sure about her status exactly ^_^' LOL But she's probably going too!

That'd be awesome!

CosplayIsland Staff Member

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02 Nov 2007 - 14:43763
I've wanted to go to Ame for a while now, whether I'll have the money for it is a completely different situation LOL. It depends if I can save all my EMA money from May Expo until Ame... And persuade parents. xD

Hopefully it will be possible LOL. If I do end up going, I'll be reusing my Freya Crescent cosplay from May, and probably my Sheena Fujibayashi from Tales of Symphonia if I go for two days.

10 Dec 2007 - 19:161273
Yay Amecon will be my first convention ever! I'm so excited. I asked one or two friends to come but I've ended up getting about 10 people :S
Anyway hopefully with EMA and if I can get a part time job I'll have lots of money, just need to stop spending it lol.
Urmm I was looking at my list of cosplays I would like to do but I've just realised that most will be me dressing as a boy (If you didn't guess I'm a girl lol) Is there anything wrong with that or will I be ok?

10 Dec 2007 - 20:281274
theres nothing wrong with crossplay just as long as you do it right ^_^

I'm going! and I'll be celebrating my birthday too!!

so far i'm planning to do:
Lucy (elfen lied)
Fee (atelier iris 2)
Wicked Lady (sailor moon r)

11 Dec 2007 - 15:011276
Ok, definitely going now, confirmed AND part of the paid side LOL

Not sure on the days BUT...

Beelzemon Blast Mode from Digimon
Jiraiya from Naruto
??? from ???
The Phantom of the Opera (Ball)

CosplayIsland Staff Member

11 Dec 2007 - 18:071277
I will be attending! Looking forward to coming along and seeing people as I am not going to Minamicon!

I will be cosplaying as Elena for the masquerade and Ashe during the day.

I only plan for going on the Saturday and a bit of the Sunday.

07 Feb 2008 - 04:021596
Yay! I got an email saying I can go so sent of my money ^^ it'll be my first Amecon and I really cant wait


10 Feb 2008 - 17:481605
I'll be going!

Im currently working on my Misao cosplay (Rurouni Kenshin) for Ame. I also plan to go as Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto) and Subaru (.hack//SIGN). I'll decide which day to wear each costume at a later date as we get closer.

It'll be my first convention ever. Cant wait to see you guys there.

Alcon 2016

03 Mar 2008 - 00:201836
I finally decided on My costumes I'm wearing this year XD

Gundam wing's own Scitz General or should we say Lady Une.

Naruto's fluffy doggie Akamaru

D.Gray-man's Lady Excorcist General Cloud Nine

Guilty Gear's Favourite Waitress, Jam

Spoilt Grandaughter Real Mayer from Ergo Proxy

and our little seer, the ethereal Hinoto Hime from X/1999 ^^

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03 Mar 2008 - 22:191846
I will be going. its my first ever anime event (but not my first con that was way back in 1990). I've planned all my cossies. Mainly due to the work involved with one of them. I need plenty of time to build.

09 Mar 2008 - 23:061949
Decided on what I'm doing and already I'm worried time will get ahead of me! I'm doing Adel and Rozy for the ball, and these are the only two I'm going to let myself get worried about.

Also have Ivy from Soul Calibre down for the Soul Calibre group and one other which is dependent on me getting the right fur - Lion King world Sora from KHII.

Will probably bring a couple of older costumes to let them see the light of day again.

09 Mar 2008 - 23:501950
I'm going!

It'll be my first Ame, so I'm really looking forward to it!

I'm going for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

So I'm going to do Feena from Grandia on the Friday. Rydia on the Saturday and if I get it completed, Refia (Final Fantasy 3, freelance outfit) on the Sunday, and Kingdom Hearts II Aerith at the Ball.

If I don't get Refia completed, then I'll probably be doing Aerith on the Sunday and for the ball too!

I'm really looking forward to it! *-*

10 Mar 2008 - 00:321951
I can't wait either! First Amecon for me too and am sooooo looking forward to it.

Doing Sailor Uranus with a Sailor Moon group for the friday. Then Nana from NANA on the Saturday and Rufus Shinra on the Sunday. Am soooooo excited!

Also am going as Ball-ified Rufus Shinra for the Ball, top hat and tails, yup yup ^^. I hope people don't mind me stepping my spatz on their feet mind as I can't dance! lol

I'm going to slash your pillow and tear out all the stuffing with a motorbike made of jelly.
10 Mar 2008 - 01:021952
haha another first timer here -_-

I shall be going as:
Friday - Princess Sailor Moon from PGSM
Saturday - Fee from Atelier Iris 2
Sunday - Possibly Star Fighter/Lucy from Elfen Lied but only for the grave gathering photoshoot
Ball - Wicked Lady

(eurghh! too much moonage)

so yeh be warned if your at the ball and see me as I will have stupidly high stilleto shoes on (like ones i wore at minami) so if i tread on your feet I am soo sorry!

ohh and i shall be celebrating my birthday the whole 3 days, so most likely i'll be seen with a bottle of Jager or Vodka in hand by night ^.^

jst realised ive already posted before *sorry*

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10 Mar 2008 - 16:261959
It will be my first Amecon too! I'm going as either Beatrix FFIX or Rikku FFX-2 on friday (depends on weather) LeBlanc FFX-2 Saturday and Polka from eternal sonata on Sunday. For the ball I shall be going as Giselle from enchanted.

There is always room for cake
15 Mar 2008 - 20:092036
I also got an email yesterday saying I can go! I was so bummed out before, as I've been to every Amecon so far, but now I'm excited

I'm not too sure of all the costumes I'm doing yet, but I do know me and Miiol will be doing:

Wakka & Rikku - FFX (I'm Rikku)
Lady & Dante & Vergil - Devil May Cry (I'm Lady,D is Vergil.)

But honestly, we've both got some many planned costumes it could be anything in the end

(Wow, I just realised I'll be cosplaying two FEMALES in a row at Amecon.This is quite rare for me, LOL.)

16 Mar 2008 - 19:412038
yey im going to this, it's gunna be my first time at amecon, and im trying out some new costumes ^^

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