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16 Jun 2011 - 19:2760203
Quote Odangochan:
Quote sjbonnar:
It's looking like for Ayacon my plans will be;

Friday: Crow - Deadman Wonderland
Saturday: Itegami Gijinka - Okami
Sunday: Spike - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Sunday Ball: Formal Crow - Deadman Wonderland Cover art.

Aya doesn't usually have a Ball, that's Ame's thing! Feel free to correct me if things have changed this year - it means I'd have to make sure I had something appropriate to wear...

I thought I remembered reading they were doing something formal this year ^_^' Maybe I'm wrong?

CosplayIsland Staff Member

19 Jun 2011 - 07:5560564
Quote Ice-climber:
My current plan is Zelgadis Graywords form

Oh cool, I'm watching slayers for the first time just now, will have to keep an eye out for you!

I loved Aya in 09 and very excited for this year! It's a birthday con for me too and on the Monday (my birthday), myself and some friends are hiring a canal boat and going down the Saltisford canal in Warwick

My cosplay plans are as follows:

Friday: Red Riding Hood Miku, Project Diva (Vocaloid) - for the Vocaloid panel on Friday evening which I'm helping out at.

Saturday: Ibis, Super Robot Wars OG2

Sunday: Rhoda Teneiro, Ace Attorney Investigations
(at last! Didn't finish in time for Auchinawa, was too sick to wear st Minami and too busy to wear at Expo!)

Great to see so many new folks coming to Aya this year, it's a great con and you'll all have lots of fun! One thing though, for those expecting another Ame/Kita, Aya plays no Western music at it's parties, so there is no 80s disco or anything. Songs will get replayed between discos cos otherwise people complain that x didn't get played on the night they attended, but there is plenty of variety in the mix so you won't get fed up of dancing to Gurren Lagann a few times when you' re rocking out to everything else too XD

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