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28 Mar 2011 - 23:5753106
Spartan reach armour help

I have kinda been wanting to get a suit of the halo armour and seeing as they are approx £600+ i have decided to make it. However, i have not made anything like this before and could really use some detailed (simple) help so i can "soldier though" (sorry) making it.

many thanks

ps i dont really understand the software thingy that most people use to make this sort of thing.
pps sorry if this is a repost ^^

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14 Apr 2011 - 18:4454091
Heya, have you checked out www.405th.com ? There's a whole bunch of tutorials in the Noob section, lots and lots of in-progress threads that people discuss the things they've found as they build etc, is where I learned

14 Apr 2011 - 21:0154101
that website also have a huge thread dedicated to Halo reach and the pepakura files for all the different armours from the game.

These are mostly printed out on to card (make sure the pepakura designer shows the numbers on screen)glued number to number (1 to 1) etc, normally hot glue is done for this, then a thin coating of resin is layed onto the card, left to dry. Fibreglass on the inside and another layer of resin is then place on top.

Bondo is used to mould and sand parts so they don't look pointy but more curvy. After that is the painting process.

A group of us were doing the whole team however this fell through, we estimated making them ourselves would cost around £100 (this also includes some extra money just in case something happens). Hope this helps

Limegreenjelly x

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