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28 Jul 2008 - 13:554907
3 Piece Suit
Hi people of limitless knowledge!

I got paid last friday and merrily skipped to the big fabric store in Manchester this morning, money in hand ready to hand over in exchange for a pattern to make a 3 piece suit... But as the evil god in heaven who clearly hates me would have it, he made sure that the pattern would start at size 44" chest and upwards. Now, as a lady I am only 34" chest so... this pattern would now make the suit impossible!

The lovely lady at the store (who clearly likes me) advised I go to a charity shop in search for a cheap suit to take apart. So, as the selection turned out somewhat (and not surprisingly) limited, I headed for the holy Primark and found jackets at £9 and waistcoats at £6. They are 36" chest but I know I can knock those 2 extra inches off without a prob!

What I need help with is how to make the suit once I have the pattern? I'm struggling finding step-by-step instructions on how to piece it all together. I know it seems obvious to just stitch back then front then sleeves but I'm being anal and making a proper suit with lining, slip stiches and pockets! Yes, I know I make my own life difficult! Do any of you seamstresses know of anywhere to find such instructions? Or anyone who's willing to hold my hand throughout this project?


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28 Jul 2008 - 16:234912
I made a 3 piece suit recently, I could scan you the instruction sheets. Not sure if it will completely match the one you're doing, but it has how to do swish pockets and all that jazz

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