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15 Mar 2011 - 22:0952417
So who here is going to MinamiCon in Southampton this weekend? I'm only going on Sunday and just hanging out outside, since I am broke and don't have a con pass ;w;
I'd love to meet up with some awesome new people ^^

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15 Mar 2011 - 22:5452423
Pez and I are going!

The schedule hasn't been released yet so people won't know what times they'll be busy or free, but I'm sure plenty of people will be drifting in and out.

15 Mar 2011 - 23:4352427
I'm going for all three days ^^ It'll be awesome to meet some people there this weekend x

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16 Mar 2011 - 00:2252431
There will be a few of us going! I'm being pretty lazy this year with cosplay...like last year...so will more than likely be found propping up the bar all weekend

It will be good to catch up with some familiar faces and meet new ones! Because it's so small, Minami is quite good for meeting new people, just don't be too shy in approaching people and you'll have a good time

16 Mar 2011 - 02:0852434
I'll be there on all three days! Going light on the cosplay this time around too - my friend and I will be rewearing our Cosplay Ball costumes and I may enter the masquerade with my Luka (if only so I can definitely get a video of myself singing at last!).

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16 Mar 2011 - 02:1752436
Will be there all weekend as usual! Will be more then likely propping up the bar with ya kat!

17 Mar 2011 - 13:3052493
I'll be there all weekend, s'my second time at Minami (first in 2008), hope to meet lots of awesome new people *thumbs up*

17 Mar 2011 - 15:1452497
Quote Sillabub:
I may enter the masquerade with my Luka (if only so I can definitely get a video of myself singing at last!).

Oooh, I've never heard you sing, looking forward to that =)

I'll be there in casual cosplay, boozing the weekend away. I love how relaxed Minami is.

17 Mar 2011 - 15:1952498
will be there emptying the vodka bottles >

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