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14 Mar 2011 - 00:2852280
Selling Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle DVDs (multireigon) and other anime.
Hi minna!
I'm just letting you guys know i'm selling my Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle dvds volumes 1-7, all for £15, or £3 each.
They are in great condition and have only been used once.

The first volume is R2, volumes 2-6 are R4 and volume 7 is R1.

I am also selling other anime dvds including: Rayearth ova 1-3, Angelic Layer volumes 1-4, X movie, Metropolis movie, Witch Hunter Robin III, Nurse Witch Komugi 2 disc collection, Naruto series 1:2 and D.N Angel volume 7.

Also if anyone is interested, and is attending Kitacon III or MCM May expo 2011, I can arrange a time to meet and deliver the dvds you would like to you.

Please feel free to ask me anything.

*Te quiero.
Me gusta tu voz.
Me quieres?
Tienes novia?

anata no shiranai watashi mitsukete
Mi Amor!

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