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17 Jul 2008 - 14:534721
Hi, I'm Jassie^_^
I'm new here and I'm from China.
I'm a fan of animation and really like cosplay. I used to have my own cos-club before I came to UK.
I'm really glad to know there are also many cos-lovers here and nice to meet you all~^_^

If you follow the link of my name, you'll see the photo of L(from Death Note) from one coser in my club. We did it last year and I'm responsible for making up and photo processing.

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17 Jul 2008 - 15:144722
hi, welcome to cosplayisland and i hope you enjoy it here, everyone is so nice and enthusiastic about cosplying and im sure if you ever needed help someone will be willing to helo ^_^ welcome again jassie

17 Jul 2008 - 15:514723
Heeey another Chinese person *highfive*

Wish I could visit China sometime soon haha. Anyway welcome and you'll be known in no time

Katsu no wa Hyotei~♥
17 Jul 2008 - 16:024724
heyya !!!!
heyya jassie im cosplayer well duh XD although some peeps call me a chibi cosplayer since im only 11 but im gd with that ^^ so ure from china? awsome thats gotta be cool! and as the others said ul be known in no time ^^

dan XD
17 Jul 2008 - 17:594726
welcome jassie

nice to know you. hope you enjoy the site

17 Jul 2008 - 22:454729

18 Jul 2008 - 18:314732
To ryaoki: Thank you for your warm welcome.^_^ I’m also willing to help, after all there are lots of things I can do.
To Odd-One-Out: Nice to meet you.^_^ and if you are planning a trip to China, maybe I can help. There are lots of cities worth going and also lots of things to pay attention to. I’m afraid I will miss the Olympics this year because I still have seminar during summer holiday>_<
To moyashi-san: You are so young~! Really a chibi, like Echizen Ryoma(from prince of tennis).
R U a fan of honey senbai?He’s cute~ but I like kyoya sama more because I’m megane-con(megane means glasses in Japanese, a megane-con is someone who likes characters wearing glasses very much, just like someone likes loli, he will be called lolicon). I have high expectation on your works.^_^
To 1000014: Your name is special and I remember it at the first glance~^_^Thank you for your welcome~

18 Jul 2008 - 18:494733
Hooray, another PoT fan! Ochibi~♥

Katsu no wa Hyotei~♥
18 Jul 2008 - 19:574734
Well, thankyou very much

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