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26 Feb 2011 - 16:5151218
Losing My Social Life For Car Fund
Still looking to buy a car D:
Pictures are here:


Cloud Strife:

This includes; material shirt with non-detachable pleather sleeve, pleather shoulder armour with metal wolf, material trousers (poly-cot) and pleather over-skrit.
Again, male small, £25 ono.

Got this AGES ago... we're talking 2 years :L Yes, the pervy guy from InuYasha, Inlcudes: Robe, over robe, glove, ring, rosary beads. £15 ono.

BB Nurse Outfit: ON HOLD(see profile)
Um... Is technically a fancy dress shop nurses outfit (so... a bit slutty :L) Bought brand new... Female small.. Includes: Dress, Headband and stephascope. £20 ono. + £6 for the wig. If not will be sold separately £10

Shinigami Outfit (Bleach)
Um... I seem to have gotten a new one i don't like because... to me, its a bit difficult to work out :S
Size male Small... Worn ONCE to try out.... only wore it for a good minute :L £30 ono.

Austin Powers (Blue): Bought brand new for a party.. Worn ONCE only. Includes; Jacket and trousers. As this was all I got. Male Medium £20 ono.

Akastuki/Deidara Was warn once or twice. Was bought as a spare incase a friend wanted to cosplay. Female Medium. Ring Also Included. £30 + £5 With Wig. If not, then £10 Seperate


Lavi Rabi Wig: Brand new! Found underneath rubbish of room... still in its original bag! Um... £20? ono

Deadrising 2 18+ (Xbox 360) Played only once! Didn't like it personally... Bought new for £30... soo... £20? £2 postage
Romance Of The Three Kingdoms XI (PC): Almost New. Played once to replace a copy i lost... then found :L Bought new £15... So... £10? £2 Postage

Um... I will add more... Please message me if you are interested in anything or need any pictures etc
Feel free to make me any offers if you are interested x
Oh, Postage for all costumes will be about £6, Wigs will be £3 Games will be first class tracked

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27 Feb 2011 - 15:4551262
Bump. New Items And Stuff..

01 Mar 2011 - 20:4051430
One more bump for a while.
Got everything i need to sell so far.
Um... If you need pictures please ask. I didn't put them on to save on waiting for it to load

04 Mar 2011 - 13:5551640
Interested in the Lavi wig,
What colour is it?
&How thick is it? It'd be lovely if you could get pics of it XD

Cheetos xx

06 Apr 2011 - 11:1753539
New stuff, And pictures x
Please have a look x

04 May 2011 - 10:0955425
Isn't anyone interested?

04 May 2011 - 13:2355434
What do you get in the limited edition version of Shogun 2?

Current projects:
My Almost Perfect Life - Written out story draft, converting into script.
Netherworld Chronicles - Initinal planning finished, writing first draft.
Urban Warfare - Researching and planning
04 May 2011 - 14:2955437
You get everything that you get from GAME.
It is 2 discs, the code for the game to install and a code for extra stuff which hasnt been used. And the manual

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