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23 Feb 2011 - 22:0151007
Binder advice
Apologies if several threads like this have already been posted but the search option doesnt seem to want to work for me at the moment >.>

Can anyone recommend a good website/shop to buy a chest binder from? I'm an E cup but want to get as flat as possible, I've looked a t-kingdoms but get mixed reviews off people about comfort and reliability.

Any help greatly appreciated <3

23 Feb 2011 - 22:1051008
Here's a good binder thread with a lot of good advice from both commissioners and body alteration panellists. It also has about binding for big sizes.


23 Feb 2011 - 22:2551012
www.ftm.underworks.com are pretty good.
I use them (every day and cosplay use) but with a big chest, there's always going to be a bit of bulge there. xD
Some people double bind, but that's not a good idea.

23 Feb 2011 - 23:0351015
My T Kingdom one is the comfiest thing I've ever worn, but I'm only going from a B cup, so I dunno how good they are for bigger sizes

23 Feb 2011 - 23:1151016
I love my T-Kingdom one (or, rather, I love it after having shortened the straps so that it actually sits on the right part of my chest--I have a very short back length). I was a DD when I started using it, and it did a pretty decent job of flattening me.

24 Feb 2011 - 22:2151094
I recommend T-kingdom!

I also recommend the zipped one for your size bust ^^ It does work, it's rather "where they go O_O" in fact, though it looks like it shouldn't. Also, makes for a handy place to store your mobile XD

Ayacon Plans
24 Feb 2011 - 22:2451095
I have a T-Kingdom one aswell
I would highly recommend it!
You get your money's worth out of it and it's so comfy to wear.
I've got the velcro one and it works fine with me as a C cup

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