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13 Jul 2008 - 20:024650
Enormous picture on the front page
I don't know if it's just me, but right now the front page of the side has a full-size version of MangaChild's latest Iemitsu Sawada costume. I did recently see another costume showing up in the "random costumes" section that was displaying in a much larger size than it should have - is this a problem at my end or is it the site coding? I have tried refreshing the page but it doesn't make any difference.

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13 Jul 2008 - 20:304651
Yeah I have this problem as well ^_^;
Ages ago when I had my Sumomo cosplay up my avatar was huge for some reason as well instead of being resized like the rest... I thought it was just a little glitch so I took it down... Seems like the glitch is back only with pictures this time =O

13 Jul 2008 - 21:294655
sorry for that

that was one big ass image the problem seemed to clear up once i deleted it

i would say i wont do it again but im trying to upload more now

13 Jul 2008 - 21:344657
Aww I was rather upset when you took it down!
I thought giant picture of doom taking over the interwebs was rather funny XD

13 Jul 2008 - 21:414660
Ive uploaded a few photos now and it only seems to disagree with the Yellow helmet picture?

I have tried renaming it and everything :S

13 Jul 2008 - 22:504663
Tch, trust you to break the site Mike!

No, in all seriousness this is a bug that we've noticed - for some reason every now and then a picture wont be resized properly when the thumbnail is created. However, seeing as we have nearly 7000 photos now though and we've only had this happen a handful of times, we haven't managed to actually track down the cause!

Could you please send the troublesome photo through to - that way we can try and recreate the error ourselves and attempt to work out what's going wrong. CrystalNeko, if you could do the same with the picture you were trying to upload for your Sumomo avatar that would be great.

Cheers for spotting this guys

14 Jul 2008 - 21:134689
I have emailed you the photo that tried to swallow up the word

Sorry for the trouble

23 Jul 2008 - 21:424805
Just a note to say it's happened again - this time with one of hoshi's Anemone pics.

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31 Jul 2008 - 18:454992
I finally get to see the giant photo of doom effect XD it is quite impressive.. 's happened on NavigatorxNami's latest photo:


looks like it's corrupted, probably why it hasn't resized properly?

05 Aug 2008 - 02:445140
xdarkfaeriex's Sakura is doing it too, albeit on a smaller scale.

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15 Sep 2008 - 18:476144
Okay I think I've now got this problem fixed.

Basically the problem is the "huge" images are jpegs that are slightly corrupt in some minor way. Most desktop image software just ignores the error and displays them.

However PHP which this site is built on just throws a massive tantrum when we try to resize corrupt images. Leading the huge image problem.

So what I've done is add in a check when uploading new images that determines if the image is corrupt. If so the site won't allow you to upload it. If this happens to you I recommend just resaving the image in a paint package. Once you've resaved it the corruption should be fixed.

The fix however is not retroactive and won't remove any large images we already have up on the site. However I have also made stylesheet change that should make it so huge images don't go outside the edges of the box they're shown in.

Anyway that's all a bit technical but hopefully it should be the end of this long standing problem. ^_^

16 Sep 2008 - 01:246146

I was trying to upload an image a minute ago. It was Jpg. Said it was corrupted and wouldn't upload.

I though okay. Opened up PSPX, opened the image and resaved it. tried again. Didn't upload. I resized, resaved and tried. Didn't upload. In the end I resaved it as a .png file, which seems okay.

Is this just a glitch with the new screening system?

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